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Thursday, June 23, 2022


"Retrospective, present and future of a historiographical science"

In memory of Michel Teillard d'Eyry


The Royal Association of Hidalgos of Spain organizes the I International Congress of Young Genealogists, which will take place in Madrid on February 17 and 18, 2023 , with the collaboration of the International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry, the International Academy of Genealogy, the Institute Institute of Genealogy and Heraldry and the International Institute of Genealogy and Family History, under the motto: "Retrospective, present and future of a historiographical science".

The I International Congress of Young Genealogists aims to promote the participation of young people in the Congresses of Genealogy, Nobility and Heraldry, to give continuity to the academic meetings held on these disciplines and create a favorable environment for the relationship and interaction of young people, based on their study and the social activities related to them.

The first edition of the Congress is dedicated to the memory of the eminent genealogist Michel Teillard d'Eyry (1940-2022), who was president of the International Confederation of Genealogy and Heraldry (2002-2014) and president of the International Academy of Genealogy (1998 -2021). During his years at the head of the International Academy of Genealogy, the International Genealogy Colloquia of Moscow (1999), San Marino (2001), The Hague (2003), Paris (2005), Iași (2007), Guimarães (2009) were organized. , Bologna (2011), Saint Petersburg (2013), Madrid (2015), Montreal (2017), Warsaw (2019) and Messina (2021).

Participation in the I International Congress of Young Genealogists can be as a speaker or as an assistant. Speakers must be between 18 and 39 years of age in 2023. However, the organization may propose the participation of speakers over 39 years of age, when this is of special interest for the development of the Congress.

The Congress will be held jointly in person and online, to facilitate the participation of young people from anywhere in the world. The papers must be original and unpublished and priority will be given to genealogists from countries that have had close historical relations with Spain or whose papers are related to these countries.

The papers presented at the I International Congress of Young Genealogists that meet the requirements indicated by the organization of the Congress will be published in a special edition of the prestigious journal Hidalguía , forming the proceedings of the Congress. Hidalguía magazine was founded in 1953 and is a publication belonging to the Royal Association of Hidalgos of Spain. It is the world's dean in these disciplines and in 2023 it will celebrate its 70th anniversary .

Over two days, the Royal Association of Hidalgos of Spain will welcome the participants gathered around the scheduled academic activities. The Congress will conclude with the traditional Carnival Party that the Royal Association has been organizing every year on Carnival Saturday in a select place in Madrid to bring together the young associates and their guests, and to which Congress participants who wish may join.

On July 15, 2022, the call will be open to present proposals for papers for the I International Congress of Young Genealogists, whose term ends on September 30, 2022. It can be done from that date through www.congresojovenesgenealogistas2023 .it is

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

RootsTech Keynote Comic Maysoon Zayid

 Improbable Comic Maysoon Zayid Brings Her Powerful and Hilarious Story to RootsTech 2022


9 February 2022, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH— Maysoon Zayid bills herself as a comedian, actress, disability advocate, and tap dancer. What she is, is an inspiration. Injured at birth, Maysoon grew up with cerebral palsy. Doctors told her parents she would never walk, so she learned to dance. “You can do it! Yes, you cancan,” her father would tell her, and she never stopped believing it. Her powerful story, told in her unique, hilarious style is sure to delight the worldwide online audience attending RootsTech 2022 (March 3-5, 2022). Register for free at RootsTech 2022 to watch Maysoon.

Maysoon grew up in New Jersey with more than a few potential strikes against her. “In the oppression Olympics I would win a gold medal. I’m Palestinian, I’m Muslim, I’m a woman of color, I’m divorced, I’m disabled, and I am childless with a cat named ‘Beyonce’,” she says with a grin.

But as fate would have it, she was surrounded by immigrant parents, three older sisters, and a nurturing support system, including her Palestinian grandparents and extended family, that set her feet on a path of confidence and achievement. “My disability should have been isolating. The only reason it wasn’t isolating was because I was really blessed and lucky to have a community that supported me, didn’t bully me, didn’t make fun of me, [and] always included me,” said Maysoon.

In the intervening years Maysoon earned a degree in acting from Arizona State University, became a Princeton Fellow, and co-founded and co-executive produced the New York Arab American Comedy Festival and The Muslim Funny Fest. She has been a full-time On Air Contributor to Countdown with Keith Olbermann and a columnist for The Daily Beast. She has appeared on Oprah Winfrey Networks’ In Deep Shift60 Minutes, and ABC News. Maysoon had the most viewed TED Talk of 2014 and was named one of 100 Women 2015 by the BBC.

According to her online bio, as a professional comedian Maysoon has performed in top New York clubs and has toured extensively at home and abroad. She was a headliner on the Arabs Gone Wild Comedy Tour and The Muslims Are Coming Tour. Maysoon appeared alongside Adam Sandler in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and has written for VICE. She limped in New York Fashion Week, is a recurring character on General Hospital, and is the author of Audible’s Find Another Dream.

But of all her accomplishments, she says the legacy she hopes to leave is one of equality, specifically for people with disabilities.

“The biggest thing that my Palestinian heritage did was it created a deep love and dedication to equality. And I think the most influential part of growing up with, you know, kind of one crooked leg in each world was knowing that equality works, it’s worth it, and it’s worth fighting for.”

To enjoy more of Maysoon’s fascinating story, and the rest of RootsTech 2022 for free, register today at

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

RootsTech 2022 Keynote Speaker - Food Network Star Molly Yeh

Chef Molly Yeh has been added to the lineup of Keynote Speakers at the upcoming RootsTech Virtual 2022 Conference from March 3 - 5, 2022. 

Quoting from the above blog post,

Molly Yeh is known for being the star of a Food Network series where she shares the very best of her recipes inspired by her Jewish and Chinese heritage. Her first cookbook won the Judges’ Choice IACP Cookbook Award in 2017, and her food blog regularly welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each month. She is also an accomplished musician with a degree in percussion performance from Juilliard.

Molly is a great example of someone who is proud of her heritage and shares it with others. She said, "It's so important to choose connection beyond family because we live among tons of other people; we share a planet with billions of other people." For her, cooking is the first step in that journey. "I want other people to experience the joy of cooking: feeding people who I love and creating those memories and traditions around it," she explained.

This year, Molly Yeh will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech! Join us at RootsTech 2022 on 3–5 March to listen to her delicious keynote address.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

RootsTech 2022 Keynote Speaker - Apollonia Poilâne Shares Recipe to Connect Family

Chef Apollonia Poilâne has been added to the lineup of Keynote Speakers at the upcoming RootsTech Virtual 2022 Conference from March 3 - 5, 2022. 

Quoting from the above blog post,

“Bread Links People,” Says Third-Generation Owner of Paris’ Most-famous Bakery

It is a story about tragedy, resilience, vision, and triumph. But mostly it is a story about family, connected through generations by a special loaf of sourdough bread known worldwide as pain Poilâne. Apollonia Poilâne, the third-generation owner of Paris’ most-famous bakery, will share her remarkable family story with a global online audience as a keynote speaker during RootsTech Connect 2022, the world’s largest family history conference, March 3–5, 2022. Register for free today at

“Bread links people. I love the bond it creates when people share it,” says Apollonia, who was literally raised in the bakery started by her grandfather Pierre Poilâne in 1932. She worked in the family business as a child and began a formal 9-month apprenticeship to learn the art of bread making in her late teens. Then tragedy struck. Her father, Lionel Poilâne, whose innovative spirit and relentless commitment to quality made the Poilâne brand world-renowned, and her mother, Irena Poilâne, an American architect and art gallery owner, were both killed in a helicopter crash.

Orphaned with her younger sister, Athena, at the tender age of 18, Apolonia was faced with a decision. Gifted with a winning combination of her father’s vision and determination, and her mother’s artistic flair, she chose to carry on her family’s legacy. But she did not abandon her dream of a college education and for several years ran the business remotely while she earned an economics degree from Harvard University.

Today she is leading what can only be described as a baking empire, producing tens of thousands of the signature loaf each month, along with a variety of other culinary treats. Building on her family legacy, Apollonia has added many new mouth-watering items to the company’s offerings, written or contributed more than a dozen books, and produced online baking classes. Customers hail from down the street, and across the world, yet quality is still the chief ingredient of every hand-crafted loaf of bread, cookie, and pastry.

Learn more about her amazing story firsthand and what is next for this extraordinary entrepreneur by registering for RootsTech Connect 2022 today at and joining us for the virtual event March 3–5, 2022!

RootsTech 2022 Keynote Speaker - Making Connections Is No Act for Golden Globe Winner Matthew Modine

Golden Globe winner Matthew Modine has been added to the lineup of Keynote Speakers at the upcoming RootsTech Virtual 2022 Conference from March 3 - 5, 2022. 

Quoting from the above blog post:

Aspiring actor Matthew Modine was working as a chef in a New York City restaurant frequented by the city’s elites when a chance encounter with one particular customer changed his life.

“I’d never seen any creature like her in my life, and I just fell in love at first sight,” he said of Caridad Rivera, now his wife of more than 40 years, whom he credits for giving him the confidence to become one of the most successful actors of our time.

Another chance encounter with FamilySearch International CEO Steve Rockwood led the star of films such as Full Metal Jacket and the Netflix hit series Stranger Things to an invitation to share his stories of human connection with a worldwide RootsTech Connect 2022 audience on March 3–5, 2022.

“Can we create, as a human being, a little ripple of positivity and goodness that will impact other peoples’ [ripples]?” he asked. “And my ripple will connect with another ripple and create a great wave of change. That’s how you connect to people…don’t think that you’re above anybody else.”

At RootsTech Modine will recount his life’s journey as a young boy in California and Utah, share his delightful discovery how New York City is actually more of a homeland than an adopted home, and the connections he’s made along the way, including a special connection with an uncle whose US Air Force uniform Modine wore as a B-17 captain in Memphis Belle.

Enjoy more of Matthew Modine’s heartwarming story by registering for RootsTech Connect 2022 today for free at, and by joining the virtual event March 3–5, 2022!

RootsTech 2022 Key Note Speaker - “We Are One People” Says 3-Time World Champion Boxer Samuel Azumah Nelson

3-Time World Champion Boxer Samuel Azumah Nelson has been added to the lineup of Keynote Speakers at the upcoming RootsTech Virtual 2022 Conference from March 3 - 5, 2022. 

Quoting from the above blog post, 
Boxing is a sport that demands grit and determination, but those characteristics don’t appear from nowhere. Just ask Africa’s greatest boxing legend, Samuel Azumah Nelson and a RootsTech 2022 keynote speaker (3–5 March 2022). He credits his ancestors for endowing him with the qualities that carried him to 3 featherweight world championships and a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

“I need to show you where my courage and determination to succeed came from” he declared. “I am a proud Ghanaian with a Tabon DNA, power, and spirit. You must be interested in your family history and to live the values it represents.”

There’s a lot behind the Tabon affiliation that is a major part of Azumah’s story for attendees of RootsTech 2022 (March 3–5, 2022). The Tabon people were former slaves in Brazil. With the abolishment of slavery in the late 1800s, 7 families banded together and made their way back to the homelands from which their ancestors had been taken. The Asuman family, who later changed their name to Nelson, were among the leaders of the group.

 You can register now for free at

Digging Out and Looking Forward in 2022 - 10 years of blogging

Recently I spoke for the first time since February 2020 to a live audience. It was surreal to walk into a library with my mask on and instruct a group of people all masked and socially distanced. But, that is our new normal in the age of COVID. Online is wonderful, but it can be very isolating. 

Other things have changed as well, and believe it or not, I am still adjusting even after two years. This is one reason I have come back to my blog. The deep depression I have been in from losing loved ones, friends, and colleagues to this disease cut me to the core. It was hard to communicate let alone go on as normal. 

Throw in starting my Ph.D., one child in college, my husband going back to school, helping my other child with high school, and caring for my father I have been living on caffeine and a prayer. I know many of you can relate! How do I do it, is a question I am asked often. However, when you do not know any difference you make it happen. 

So, it was no surprise to me that as the 10th anniversary of my blog loomed last December I had nothing to say. I do have ten drafts of blog posts sitting on my computer, but pushing the publish button was difficult. This leads me to today.

I need to read, write, teach, and publish more. That starts here. Plus, I'd love to hear from you. Anything you'd like to know more about from a lecture I have presented? Curious about a story I've posted here? Let me know. Send me a message through my contact form. 

Let's make the next 10 years amazing.