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Upcoming and Previous Lectures

Upcoming and Previous Lectures


  • Scheduled: DNA Topic TBD, 16 October, Mt. Vernon Genealogical Society, 1 pm.
  • Scheduled: DNA Topic TBD, 9 June, PA DAR Chapter meeting.
  • Scheduled: "Beyond the Obituary: Finding death Sources" & "Creating a Research Plan for DNA Testing" Ohio Genealogical Society Conference 11-14 April Columbus, OH.
  • Scheduled: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Truth about Published Family Histories" 22 March, Fairfax Genealogical Society, 7:30 pm.
  • Scheduled: "Create Genealogy Videos and Images for Free with Adobe Spark" and "Ten Databases You Need to Know About" 24 March, Fairfax Genealogical Society, 10 am.
  • Scheduled: DNA Seminar, 21 March Thomas Balch Library Leesburg, VA.


  • Scheduled: DNA Topic TBD, 4 November, Culpeper VA, DAR/SAR event. 
  • Scheduled: Virginia Genealogical Society Fall Conference, 28 October, Norfolk, VA "Crash Course on the Library of Virginia’s website" , "A Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy" , "Deciphering atDNA Testing" , "The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a Family History"
  • Scheduled: "What's in my Chromosomes?" 11 am 19 October at the RELIC Manassas, VA.
  • Scheduled: Keynote "Pairing Genetics and Genealogy for Successful Research" 14 October 14 Baltimore Family History Workshop Essex, MD.
  • Scheduled: Intermediate Genealogy Workshop, sponsored by DAR- Susannah Chandler Chapter, October 7, Salem Church Library Fredericksburg
  • Scheduled: "The Ins and Outs of Lineage Application Research" 30 September, APG Professional Management Conference. 
  • Scheduled: Lecture TBD at Virginia DAR Fall Forum
  • Scheduled: "Creating a Research Plan with DNA" & "What's in my Chromosomes?" 16 September, at the Virginia:Where African American Genealogy and History Begin conference in Richmond, VA.
  • Scheduled:  "DNA Demystified" , "Which Test is Best for me" , "Proof Positive"15-17 September, Family Tree University Fall Virtual Conference.
  • Scheduled:  "Understanding Y-DNA for DAR Use" 29 July Virginia DAR District 6 meeting
  • Scheduled:  “Merging DNA results with Traditional Genealogy Research: Tips for Professional Genealogists” 15 July 2:00 pm at the National Archives Washington, D.C.
  • "A Genealogist's Tour of the Nations Capital" June 22, 8pm, Association of Professional Genealogists Webinar for the APG-Professional Management Conference, Webinar
  • "Early American Research Strategies" 12 May, 1:30 PM, FindMyPast booth at NGS
  • "Let me tell you about your genes" 2 hour presentation to the Mt. Vernon Genealogical Society 16 May, 1-3pm
  • Ohio Genealogical Society Conference, April 26-29 "Researching On the Library of Virginia Website" , "Lies of a Soldier: Family Myth and Methodology" , "Learn to Research at the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC)" , "Tracing Your Maternal Ancestors: Secrets in mtDNA" , "Tracing Your Paternal Ancestors: Secrets in y-DNA"
  • Virginia Genealogical Society Spring Conference, 22 April, Richmond, VA "Genetic Genealogy for the Beginner" , "Creating a Research Plan for DNA Testing" , "Organize Your DNA Data" , "Crowd-sourcing Your Genealogy to Break Down Walls"
  • "Gathering Your Thoughts: Writing Your Family Stories For Future Generations" 28 March, 7pm Bull Run Regional Library, Manassas, VA
  • All Day DNA Seminar, Thomas Balch Library, 22 March, Leesburg VA
  • "How to get started tracing your family history" & "Using the GPS to solve family history research problems" 18 March, The Women's Forum, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Family Tree University Virtual Conference 3-5 March
  • "Introduction to Genetic Genealogy" and "What Your Chromosomes Can Tell You About Your Family" 25 February, 2-4pm EST, Harford County Public Library’s Annual Genealogy Conference 
  • "Create Genealogy Videos and Images Quickly for Free with Spark" February 8-11 at RootsTech, Salt Lake City Utah.
  • "Deep DNA Analysis Techniques" 24 January, 7pm EST, Family Tree University
  • Beginning Genealogy Workshop, DAR - Susannah Chandler Chapter, 10am EST, Wilderness Library Locust Grove, VA
  • Diversity Workshop, Liberty Elementary school, 20 January
  • "Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Genealogy" 11 January, 8 pm EST, Legacy Webinars


  • "How to Organize Your Research for Genealogical Writing" & "The Basics of Telling Your Family Story" 19 November Fairfax Genealogical Society Saturday Education Class
  • Scheduled:  "Early American Research Strategies" 17 Nov Family Tree University Webinar
  • "Introduction of DNA Testing for Genealogy" 25 October 7pm Bull Run Regional Library, Manassas, VA
  • "Organize Your DNA Data" 11 October Family Tree University Webinar
  • "Genetic Genealogy for the Beginner" & "Advanced Techniques for Genetic Genealogy" 24 September Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society
  • "Formulate Your DNA Testing Strategy"and "Use to research your early American ancestors" in addition to being the super moderator 16-18 September Family Tree University Fall Virtual Conference.
  • "Joining a Lineage Society" 10 September 10 am lecture place TBD given for the Susannah Chandler Chapter NSDAR for perspective members
  • "Westward Ho! Following a family migration across America"  10-12 August Glasgow, Scotland International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Studies
  • "Great-Grandma Said we Have an Indian Princess: Verifying Native American Ancestry Through DNA Testing" 2 August, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Fredericksburg, VA Native Voices exhibit
  • "Getting Started Workshop" 23 July All day Seminar, Fredericksburg, VA 
  • "Heraldry for Genealogists" 13 July Legacy Family Tree Webinars
  • "Virginia Research Secrets" 9 June Family Tree University Webinar
  • "Breaking Down Brick Walls" 8 June Alexandria Public Library, Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library 7pm
  • "Organizing Your Genealogy" 12 May Virginia Beach Genealogical Society 
  • " Successful Lineage Society Applications" and "Researching on the Library of Virginia Website "28 - 30 April at the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference
  •  4 Class DNA Track 2 April  at the Fairfax Genealogical Society Spring Conference
  • "How to Get Started Tracing Your Family History" and "Using the GPS to Solve Family History Research Problems"  19 March Women's Forum Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • "Genetic Y-Chromosomal Tests" and "Spreadsheet Secrets to Organize Your Genealogy" 11-13 March Family Tree University Winter 2016 Virtual Conference
  • DNA Testing Tools 18 February Family Tree University Webinar
  • "The Basics of Virginia Research" January 20 Legacy Family Tree Webinars


  • "Online and Offline Resources for Virginia Genealogy" Legacy Family Tree Webinars
  • "Tips and Tricks for Using the Library of Virginia Website" Legacy Family Tree Webinars
  •  "Beyond the Obituary: Finding Death Sources" 21 November 2015 Fairfax Genealogical Society
  • " Researching Naval History" 19 November 2015  Fairfax Genealogical Society
  •  Roanoke Library 12-5pm Roanoke, VA experts day participant 
  •  "Engaging The Next Generation" 21 October 2015 Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society (SVGS) Winchester, VA
  •  Beginning Genealogy Workshop 14 October 2015 for the Susannah Chandler Chapter NSDAR, Salem Church Library Fredericksburg, VA
  • "Introduction to DNA Testing for Genealogy" 10 October 2015 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society Fall Lecture Series
  •  "Tips and Tricks to using" 10 October 2015 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society Fall Lecture Series
  •  "Engaging the Next Generation" 7 October 2015 Minnesota Genealogical Society (Webinar) 
  •  "Best Virginia Genealogy Strategies" 23 September 2015, Family Tree University (Webinar)
  •  "Heraldry for Genealogists" 18-20 September 2015 Family Tree Univeristy Fall Virtual Conference.
  •  "Using the American Memory Collection" 18-20 September 2015 Family Tree Univeristy Fall Virtual Conference.
  •  "Hunting Ancestors in Newspapers" 1 September 2015 Elder Study Group at the University of Mary Washington
  • "Introduction to DNA Testing for Genealogy" 10 July 2015 Isaac Cummings Family Association 2015 Reunion
  • "Creating and Maintaining a Family History Blog" 9 June 2015 Ontario Genealogical Society (Webinar)
  • "Raising the Next Generation: Engaging and Instilling an Appreciation of Family History in Children," 25 April 2015 Fairfax Genealogical Society
  • "Beginning Irish Research and DNA," 21 April 2015 Ancient Order of Hibernians, Fredericksburg, VA
  • KEYNOTE "The Threads That Bind Us Together: Unlocking Genetic Genealogy"14 March 2015 Family History Day, Fredericksburg, VA Family History Center
  • "Genealogy and Heraldry" 14 March 2015 Family History Day, Fredericksburg, VA Family History Center
  • "Climb Your Genetic Family Tree," 13-15 March 2015 FTU Winter Virtual Conference (Webinar)
  • "Dead End: 5 Sources for Death Records" 13-15 March 2015 FTU Winter Virtual Conference (Webinar)
  • "Using The National Archives Online Search Function" 11 March 2015 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society
  • "Search International Family Records on" 24 February 2015 Family Tree University (Webinar)
  • "Using and Understanding Obituaries in Your Research" 11 February 2015 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society


  • Jump Start Your Genealogy With Social Media  25 November 2014 Family Tree University (Webinar)
  • "Lies of a Solider: The True Identity of Harry Coad," 12 November 2014 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society
  • "Tips for a Successful Lineage Society Application," at The Genealogy Event in New York City October 17 & 18
  • "A Genealogist’s Guide to Heraldry," at The Genealogy Event in New York City October 17 & 18
  • "Using The Find My Past Website," 11 October 2014 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society Fall Conference at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library
  • "Where do I Put it: Organizing Your Physical And Digital Files," 25 September 2014 Elder Study Group at the University of Mary Washington
  • "Top Free Websites for Obituaries,"  19-21 September 2014 FTU Fall Virtual Conference (Webinar)
  • "Top 5 Undiscovered Family Tree Databases," 19-21 September 2014 FTU Fall Virtual Conference (Webinar)
  • "Lies of a Solider: The True Identity of Harry Coad," 14 August 2014 Second Life Chapter of APG (Webinar)
  • "Source Citations for Regular People," 20 May 2014 Family Tree University (Webinar)
  • "10 Simple Strategies for Using," 16 April 2014 Family Tree University (Webinar)
  • “Sharing Your Family History in The Digital Age,” 12 March 2014  Fredericksburg Regional Genealogy Society
  • “Genetic Genealogy: Using DNA as a Tool in Genealogy,” 1 March 2014 Family History Day Fredericksburg, VA
  • “The Ins and Outs of Social Media for Genealogists,” 1 March 2014 Family History Day Fredericksburg, VA
  • “Tricks for Using the National Archives’ Online Public Access Search,” 28 February 2014 Family Tree University Virtual Conference (Webinar)
  • "DNA Analysis: a 21st Century Tool For Genealogy," 15 January 2014 Elder Study Group at the University of Mary Washington


  • “DNA and Genealogy: Why do They go Together?”  28 October 2013 Friends of the Central Regional Rappahannock Library
  • “Virginia Genealogy Beyond the Basics,” Family Tree University 24 October 2013 (Webinar)
  • “Introduction to Genetic Genealogy,”  9 October 2013 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogy Society
  • “Lineage Societies: Honoring Your Past With Your Research,” 11 May 2013 Central Rappahannock Regional Library Genealogy Symposium
  • “Introduction to Genetic Genealogy,” 11 May 2013 Central Rappahannock Regional Library Genealogy Symposium
  • “Genealogy Blogging: The ins and outs to Using Social Media for Genealogists,” 10 April 2013 Fredericksburg Regional Genealogy Society meeting
  • “What is a Blog,” 21 January 2013 Given to 6th and 8th grade journalism classes at local Middle School

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