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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Visiting Sisters: October 1908

Wheat farm. Daviess County, Indiana
Wheat farm in Washington, Daviess County, Indiana
Image from the Library of Congress
This was another treasure that I recieved from my aunt a few weeks back.  While long, it is a fascinating personal account of a vist between sisters.  The family connection for the people named in the entry are listed below.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

William H. Duley
Rebecca Duley Fravel
Abbie Duley Lasley
Emma Duley Farish
Catherine "Kitty" Duley Deatrick
Sarah E. Duley Bline

Rebecca Hall = Daughter of William Duley

Mary Brennan, Emma Graham, Abbie Connnaughton, Carrie Cates, John Bline = Children of Sarah E. Duley Bline

Rhoda Brennan = Sister in law to Mary Brennan

Still piecing together the Deatrick family...

Page 1

Washington, Ind October 20, 1980

Mrs. Rebecca Fravel and Mrs. Abbie Lasley and Mrs. Emma Farish left for New Albany October the 19, 1908.  There visiting there Mr. and Mrs. James Deartrick there sister and also Mr. Ben Deatrick and family, on the morning of the 20 started for Washington Ind to visit Mrs. Sarah E. Bline and her daughters and sons and sons wifes and our only brother William H. Duley and his daughter Rebecca Hall and her little daughter Mary Hall from Mount Vernon Ind.  They also met us there and we had a family reunion it was real nice and a happy meeting for us all to meet again and enjoy life together one more time in this life = but the parting will be sad but bye and bye we will meet to part no more that will be grand = we was met at the depo by Mrs. Mary Brennan = Mrs. Abbie Conethan our brother William H. Duley having a buss ready we all got in and away we all went to the city Hotel = to our sister Mrs. Sarah E. Blines home = she met us at the door with a welcome.  Shake hands and a lovely kiss on her lips all so met her son John and wife Ellie with all there welcomed in there home then having a nice lovely dinner spread before us to partake off which was good and nice =  and on the 21 of October we were all invited to Mrs. Abbie Conathan to take dinner we all went.  Mrs. Rebecca Fravel, Mrs. Abbie Lasley, Mrs. Emma Farish, Mrs. Sarah E. Bline, Mr. William H. Duley, Mrs. Rebecca Hall,


Page 2

and her daughter Mary Hall to a = dinner and good time together after the good dinner we served we all got on the street car going to the semitary where Mrs. Bline husband body was laid to rest to await the reserection morning when the graves shall give up the dead.  We all walked around though the grave yard looking and readin on the grave stones until we were very tired then we all come to the car and got in and then went home with our sister Mrs. Sarah Bline = staying all night = then on the 22 we were all invited = to take dinner with Mrs. Mary Brennan = where we all having a nice dinner and a real good time to geather having another one in our number which was Mrs. Emma Graham from Browstown = which was the daughter of Mrs. Sarah E. Bline = then after dinner the neighbors of Mrs. Brennan came in and we all together had a nice talk together and a real nice time = then we all come home with our sister Mrs. Bline at her home at the city hotel = on Friday the 23 our brother William H. Duley and his daughter Mrs. Rebecca Hall and her little daughter Mary = left for Mount Vernon Ind and went to there home = but my prayer is that we may all meet where parting is no more


Page 3

on the evening of the 23 there was a four seated rig frove up at our sister Sarah Hotel = there were eight of us got in the rig Mrs. Rebecca Fravel, Mrs. Abbie Lasley, Mrs. Sarah E. Bline, Mrs. Emma Frasher, Mrs. Mary Brennan, Mrs. Abbie Conathan, Mrs. Ellie Bline, Mrs. Emma Graham we all had a nice time.  We went all through the town of Washington Ind.  Seen the nice churches = school houses and so many nice residents and so many butiful flowers = and riding out until the sun was setting in the west and we all had a nice and a good time together = on Saturday the 24 Mrs. Rebecca Fravel, Mrs. Abbie Lasley, Mrs. Emma Farish all went to Mrs. Margaret Holbins had a nice dinner we spent the day with her = in the evening Mrs. Sarah E. Bline and daughter Mrs. Emma Graham come to spend the evening had good time together in the evening we come home with sister Sarah then myself Abbie Lasley and Emma Graham went down to Mrs. Mary Brennan and taken supper = then I come Abbie Lasley and stayed all night with sister Sarah.  On Sunday morning the 25 myself Mrs. Mary Brennan, Abbie Conthan went to the ME church to meeting and all came back to Sister Blines for dinner in the evening we all went to the Salvation Street Meeting = at night we went


Page 4

to the UB Church to meeting Brother Moon from Harrison Co was the preacher.  Brother Seoonoaen (?) was the presideing Elder it was quarterly meeting.  The sacrament was administered they had a good meeting = Monday the 26 = Sarah B, Abbie L, Rebecca F, Emma G all went to Mrs. Will Cates for dinner.  We had a lovely dinner every thing was so nice and good.  We had a nice talk after dinner and a good time together.  Then Mary Brennan and her son was with us for dinner.  Later in the evening we all went out calling on Mrs. Rhoda Brennan and then from there to our sisters home Sarah E. Bline for to stay all night on the night of the 26 Sarah, Becca, and Emma and my self went up in town to shows they were real nice.  On the morning of the 27 Becca and Emma and myself went to Abbie Conathan to stay a while = then we come back to sister Sarah for dinner and on the evening of the 27 Emma Farish, Abbie Conathon and myself called on Brother Moon and wife and spent the evening nicely.  Then come back to sister Sarah for the night.  So many of our friends come in to bid us good bye for we were going to leave for New Albany on the morning of the 28.  It was sad to part


Page 5

with  those we loved.  Our Sweet sister and her loving children Becca dn Emma and myself left the city hotel leaving our good sister standing in the door with weeping eyes to bid us all farewell = and waving her sweet hand goodbye = then our nephew John Bline and our nieces Abbie Conanthan and Mary Brennan, Carrie Cates and her husband Will Cates = all went to with us so sad = but as the hymn sang = I sed god be with you all till we meet again = leaving them and kissing them all good bye = but I hope not forever = then we got to New Albany at 10 clock in the evening, getting on the street car went to Mr. Ben Deatricks and ate dinner = they went to see our friend Mrs. Stacie Anderson = which was very sick then went from there to our sister Kitty Deatrick and her husband James Deatrick = and staying all night with them.  On the morning of the 29 Mrs. Rebecca Fravel, Emma Farish, Catharine Deatrick = Abby Lasley, all went to Lem Deatrick for dinner had a fine dinner his wife and daughter treated us so nice = after dinner we went to visit Mr. Ed Deatrick and wife and family had a good time.  Stayed till late in the evening.  Becca went home with sister Kitty to stay all night


Page 6

Emma went to Mr. Ben Deatrick to stay all night = I went to visit Mrs. Ryland.  She was not at home = then I went to Mr. Lem Deatrick at night.  Will Ryland, Mrs. Ryland Will Ryland Mother, and mrs Lizzie Deatrick = and myself Abbie Lasley all went to the mission church = we herd a fine surmon = then I went home with Mrs. Lizzie Deatrick and stayed all night = on the 30 Mr. John Deatrick came and taken all four of us sisters down to his farm on the Ohio river to take dinner with him and his family = my sister names that went was Rebecca Fravel, Kitty Deatrick, Emma Farish, and myself Abbie Lasley = we had a nice time at his home every thing was lovely the hous was so nice well furnished but one was missen that was laney his wife.  She has gone never to return again.  She was not there to welcome us in as she use to meet us at the gate and welcome us in but she has to her home in heaven where when we meet her at the gate we will enter in to the city where there will be no more parting but forever praising the lord halleugh; then in the evening John Deatrick brought us back to Ben Deatrick.  Becca dn emma Stayed all night I went to Lem Deatrick, Lizzie Deatrick and Will Ryland and myself went on the hill to the campground


Page 7

to visit Mrs. Cora Riggle my cosin.  She had consumption.  She was very poorly = no better she was so glad to see us = and had so many good words for us all and so many pleasant smiles = poor woman I did feel so sorrow for her = then we come back to Lizzie Deatrick eate supper and went to Ben Deatrick after supper.  Stayed a while then went to see Staccie Anderson.  Found her better then I went back home with Lizzie Deatrick and stayed all night = the next morning  which was the 31 of October Becca F, Emma F, and myself Abbie L, left New Albany for Corydon.  Got to Corydon at 10 O Clock.  There Ben Lasley was there for to take me home = Georgie Fravel to take Becca home, Charley Farish come to take Emma to her home = that the end of our journey a good and a nice time we all had together.

What do you all know about that =

Written by Mrs. Abbie Lasley = after her and her other too sisters Becca Fravel and Emma Farish taken there trip to Washington Daviess Co Ind to visit there sister Mrs. Sarah E Bline and children.  I love you one I love you all = I love you until we shall hear the call = To meet on cannan happy shore = there to meet to part no more


Page 8

Written by Mrs. Abbie Lasley
For her sister
Mrs. Sarah E. Bline
And Family

Mrs. Abbie Lasley, Mrs. Rebecca Fravel, Mrs. Emma Farish

This was all about there visit to Washington to see there sister and what happened while there and at New Albany on there journey

Remember me when this you see
Tho many a miles afar we be
And the grave shall be my bed
Remember me when I am dead

Abbie Lasley, love to all

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Duley Family of Harrison Indiana

File:Map of Harrison County, Indiana.svg
Harrison County Indiana
Image from wikimedia
Another one of the treasures I received in the mail from my dad's sister was this family history.  Originally written by Martha Duley for her nephew Donnie Lasley, it is 7 pages long and was hand copied from the original between 1901 and 1916 by my 3rd great aunt, Abbie Duley Lasley.  I know it was written before 1916 as Abbie makes a note to her sister Sarah Duley Bline at the end, my third great grandmother, who died 21 March 1916. 

The Duly family was from Kentucky, but settled in Harrison County Indiana around the Corydon area.  I loved reading the story of my "marrying" grandmother.  I couldn't believe how much history there is that even I didn't know, plus many new names and places to go research.

There are tons of run on sentences, but I am not sure that is actually the case.  One, they may have not shown up in the photocopy I have.  Two, she constantly uses two parallel lines, like an equal sign, to break up the sections.  Maybe those would be periods?

Family history originally written by Martha Duley July 11, 1901 for her nephew Donnie E. Lasley
Rewritten by Abbie Duley Lasley for her sister Sarah Duley Bline

Page 1

Family Record

William Duly was you great grand father his wife name was Mary Denbo I think they were booth of a Irish decent there were 11 children born to them 7 boys and 4 girls = they names were Samuel. John. Phillip. Robert. Thomas. Jimmy the poor fellowas an idiot. Samuel married Polly Tomson. Phillip married Marrien Pigg.  Robert married Nellie Brown.  Thomas died in infancy yes I forget William married Jane Brown = the girls was Sallie = Elizabeth = Nancy and Rachel = Elizabeth married a Wheeler = Sallie married James Carral = Nancy married Georg Wheeler = Rachel married Louis McDanal = John Duley your grandfather married Rebecca Poteet her father name was Job he was your great grandfather and he was a french man = John Duley and Rebecca Poteet was married July the 7 1825 = to them were born ten children four boys and six girls = Benjamin was the oldest = Mary Carline = and Alford Poteet = and William Henry = Rebecca Ann = John Rice = Francis Catherine = Sarah Elizabeth = Rhoda Albertine = Eliza Emmanaline = tjere were twins Alford died when he was 18 = all the others lived to rais familys of there own = Benjamin married Martha Rowe = Mary married Robert Denbo = William married Cathern Septer = Rebecca =

Page 2

married John Fravel = John R. married Mary Lasley = Catharine married James Deatrick = Sarah married Francis Bline = Abbie married Benjamin Lasley = Emma married Craven (?) Farish =
Bens Duley had 12 children = Wills had 11 = John R 8 = Mary 4 Rebecca 11 = Catherine 9 = Sarah 7 = Abbie 6 = Emma no children = I cant give the date of all there marriages = for I do not remember = they all married in Harrison Co Ind = only Will married in Posey Co Ind = and Abbie married in Illinois = they was all borned in Harrison Co Ind = Only Will he was borned in Kentucky John Duley / William Duley further lived in Kentucky when his son Will was born = your grand father Duley was borned in Kentucky so was your gran mother = this is about all I no of John Duleys family.  Samuel Duley died in November 1846 – a man by the name of Wm Heth Struck him and broke his scull and he had laid out all night and died from the effect of the wound poor fellow it was a sad blow to this family and friends all the rest of the family died a natural death = Sallie and Elizabeth died in Iowa = Nancy Rachel went west and we have no account of there deaths but of course they are dead. these are

Page 3

John Duleys sisters.  I cant tell how many children there was among your mother unkles and aunts for I do not no but there was a plenty and as far as I no they was all honorable = and hard working people nun of them was rich = but a great many of them was good and religious your gran father Duley and grand mother was booth members of the M E Church. and booth lived and died christians I never met a more devoted christian than your grandmother Duley.  and many times I have Seen and herd her shout the praises of her redeemer = I will now tell you what I know of your great grandmothers family her mothers maiden name was Mary Rice.  She was borned in Tennessee her father was well off and owned a lot of slaves.  She first married a Mr. Whitaker he died and left her with six children.  Three boys and three girls.  There names was John and Joseph and Rice and Rhoda and Nancy and Elizabeth = She went from Tennesse to Kentucky = and there  married Job Poteet = as I sed befor he was a frenchman there were five children born to them 3 girls 2 boys = there names were Alford and

Page 4

James and Polly and Elizina and Rebecca that was your grandmother name = Elizina died young and James got killed be a wagon upsetting on him when he was a boy.  when Mr Poteet died your great grandmother come to Ind. when it was a wilderness and she entered the land.  that is now kown as the gran father Duleys farm near here after sometime she married a man by the name of Eliasen Goodwin, he was a school teacher she lived wuiet a while with him = and he died = so the she married agan a man from Kentucky names McCaslin and they did not live agreeable = so the parted and in her old days she lived and died with her children now you see your great gran mother was a marring woman = she was a fine lady and her proffession was that of a Doctor.  She went far and near as long as she was able to wait on her patients she died at aunt Polley Kitermans on June the 24 1835 = age 65years 7 months and 13 days aunt Polley Kitterman lived on the old Isack Bline place at that time

Page 5

and Mrs McCaslin is buried in the field on that place where several of the family connection are also buried.  I never met her but I have been told.  She was most remarkable women of her time and a good women =
Family Records here are the dates and births
John Duley was born April the 19th 1802
Rebecca Duley his wife was born January the 9th 1808
There children Benjamin Duley was born May the 12th 1826
Mary C Duley was born March the 17th 1828
Alford P Duley was born October the 12th 1830
William H Duley was born May the 6th 1833
Rebecca A Duley was born May the 17th 1835
John R Duley was born January the 16th 1837
Francis C Duley was born May the 12th 1840
Sarah E Duley was born May the 30th 1843
Rhoda A Duley was born November the 28 1847
Eliza E Duley was born November the 28th 1847
John Duley and Rebecca Poteet was married July the 7th 1825.  I cant tell who married them for I never was told = Rebecca Duley wife of John Duley died March the 11th 1861: age 53 years 2 months and 2 days.  John Duley died July the 14th 1864 age 62 years 2 months and 25 days.  Alford Duley died September the 15th 1848 =

Page 6

age 18 years 11 months and 3 days.  Mary Duley mother of John Duley died December the 17th 1850 = William Duley father of John Duley died February the 5 1851 = booth wer age 75 years = Jimmy Duley brother of John Duley died April 1 1864 aged about 50 years he was a poor idiot but he said just before he died that he was going to heaven to shout glory hallejih with hid father and mother I think he seem angeles while dying = Dannie I have tried to tell you what I can remember about the conection I hope it may interest you I wish I new more = but I have told you all about the older ones and you no a good many of the younger ones = I never herd of any of them being hung or being in jail and I think to take them all together they are a pretty good set of people = all honest and many of them religious which is better than riches for a good name is more to be diserved than great riches = I believe there is doctors and lawyers and preachers = and teachers and a host of good folks among the family conection and if there are any bad ones lets look over them and think of the good ones = for I feel sure that

Page 7

when the last roal is called there will be a goodly number ready of our conection to enter in through the gates into the city of the new Jerusalem there we shal no them better than we do here = my prayer is that you and I may be one of the number =

Written for Donnie E Lasley
By his aunt Martha Duley
July the 11 1901

I wrote this off for you and your
[missing piece of page] written by Abbie Lasley
Sarah if you have this printed =
please send me one and tell me what it cost and I will send you the money for to pay you
From your loving sister
Abbie Lasley

Keep this it might be the instergation of some of your being made rich some day