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Shannon has always enjoyed learning about history.  Her father was a secondary school history teacher and every story, family vacation, or trip to the local grocery store became a history lesson.  As a child, she loved listening to the adults talk at family reunions or other social occasions and hearing all the stories about the family.  As an adult she never dreamed she could learn more than what she knew, or in some cases completely destroy the family myths with a search at an archive. She has become the second genealogist on her mother’s side of the family, taking over from a cousin who researched the family’s history in the pre-computer age.

In the fall of 2010 her oldest child came home from school with a family tree project.  This was the catalyst Shannon needed to propel her head long into genealogy and family history research.  Shannon was selected to be the second Family Tree Firsts Blogger through Family Tree University and wrote weekly blog posts from December 2011 to December 2012.  She took this time to jump start her genealogy education and really dug into researching her and her husband’s family.  

She started this blog, at the same time as a supplement to her writing at Family Tree Firsts.  It has quickly become a place for Shannon to post her research, hard sought for finds, thoughts, opinions, and a myriad of other things that she found interesting. 

Shannon has always had a love of teaching and education which makes a personal blog the perfect outlet for her.  TNT Family History can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @tntfamhist.

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