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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top ten posts of 2012

Recently I noticed a lot of people doing posts of their top blog posts for 2012.  As this was my first year of blogging it seemed like a great idea that I should take advantage of.  Here are the posts which had the most reads this past year.  If you enjoyed one of them I would love to hear why!

1.       1940s Famous People
2.       Making a Family Tree as a gift
3.       1940 Culture
4.       1940s: Inventions
5.       Where were you on September 11,
6.       Week 20 of Abundant Genealogy
7.       Book Review and Contest Winner
8.       New Software Release
9.       Fearless Females: Timeline
10.   The Elusive Sarah, Who Was She

Now, on to the future where who knows what I will find and share with you next year!

photo credit: Creativity103 via photopin cc

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