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Friday, February 24, 2012

1940 Culture

Growing up I always had a romantic and dreamy fascination with the hairstyles of the 1940s.  There were the curls, the flips, the victory rolls, the peekaboo bangs, and the other perfect coifs of that by-gone era.  I dreamed about having my hair like that, but alas, whenever I tried it would never cooperate quite right.  Sounds pretty funny coming from a girl who was born in the 70s huh?

Having straight as a poke baby fine hair never helped with these styling dilemma. I always wanted to have that long sexy wavy hair with the peekaboo bangs, a-la Veronica Lake.  Yeah, I know, she was a movie star and they have professionals doing their hair!  A girl can dream though.

My grandmothers were pro’s at the pin curl styles though.  On more than one occasion I sat dutifully while they rolled, twisted, and pinned my hair into place so that I would have those perfect curls.  Unfortunately, 10 minutes after they were unwound all the curls fell out and my hair was flat, but at least the picture was taken before that happened!

In honor of the 1940 US Census, I think I will be trying a few of these out.  I will post the best ones... as long as I don't break the camera that is.  If you, or someone you know, would like to be nostalgic with me, here are some how to websites to get you started.
Hot 1940s Hairstyles
the1940census.comwikiHow: How to Create an American 1940's Hairstyle

*Images:  Studio portrait photo of Veronica Lake taken for promotional use, circa 1952 (original upload date: 1 September 2010(2010-09-01)) wikimedia
Cropped screenshot of Rita Hayworth from the trailer for the film Blood and Sand, 1941 wikimedia

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