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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review and Contest Winner

I have discovered another podcast that I LOVE, oh yeah all caps LOVE.  It is Fieldstone Common by Marian Pierre-Louis.  This show covers New England history and genealogy through 1 hour interviews with people who have knowledge of this area.  So far there have been curators, archivists, authors, and genealogists on her show and we are only a little over a month in.

Her show is at 1pm EST Thursdays on Blogtalk Radio.  Until 2 weeks ago I had been unable to listen to it live as I was out running errands or at other appointments on those days.  I was so excited that I would actually be home for one!  When the time came to listen I turned my computer up all the way and sat down to do some work at my kitchen table.

That particular show was an interview with John Thomas Grant on his book Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone.  Until this show I was unfamiliar with his work, but I love taking pictures; much to the amusement of my family.  My husband sighs when we are out and tells the boys to pause while "mom is being artistic again."  While I am not a great photographer, I have admiration for those who are and enjoy looking at books of pictures to study their techniques.   
Mr. Grant is a cemetery photographer and listening to him tell his stories of uncovering headstones, techniques to bring the marble to life, and the reasons he does what he does held me in rapt attention.  I decided half way through the program I was going to call in for the chance at winning the free book; I had to see it!

The time came to call, and imagine my surprise when I found myself on the radio!  I wasn't sure if she was talking to me at first, but decided since no one else answered I must be live... on the air... gulp.  This is when I discovered my voice goes up in pitch when I get excited and I think I sound like some sort of spunky elf on the radio.  There is not future as a regular podcaster for me!  Well, not unless I can bring my voice down an octave that is. 

Marian mailed me my copy and I received it late last week.  It is amazing.  He is a phenomenal photographer and there are times where he makes them so life like I am waiting for the statues to turn around!  Each page also contains words from the headstones he has photographed, and it adds to the flavor and ambiance of the book.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in photography, graveyards, or beautiful moments. 

Fieldstone Common is available through iTunes as well as the website.  Go check it out!


  1. I just love when that happens. Thank you so much Shannon for your most kind comments of my work. I do love it.
    And, once again, Marion, thank you for the splendid opportunity of being on your show. I did enjoy myself.

  2. What an exciting win that must have been, Shannon. I was listening up in Vancouver BC so I knew I wouldn't be calling in, but when we heard your voice - it was clear you really were thrilled! So glad it found a great home... & tell your husband no more sighing. Keep on being artistic and different! Enjoy.

  3. John: You are welcome! I am so happy to have your book and I have started to look into your other work as well.

    Celia: It was exciting, and my hubby joked that I need to go buy a lottery ticket before my luck wears out. I am glad I sounded thrilled, that is my better than what I imagined! My hubby loves me and puts up with my odd ways. After being with him nearly 20 years he has to you know. After all, I put up with the wall of computers in the house. I have always wanted to go to Vancouver, maybe someday I will.