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Saturday, August 20, 2016

GRIP recap, a month late

Hello everyone.  Time flies when you are having fun huh?  Or in my case, time flies when deadlines sneak up on you and you start a new job!

GRIP was such a great experience, and I wanted to make sure I gave you more information on my
experiences.  Even though it is a month late, I hope that you all enjoy my.... journal entries.

We had 49 students in the class from all backgrounds and all over the country.  Meeting so many people with such a variety of backgrounds and experiences made the week very interesting.  I thoroughly enjoyed the way we talked about everything.  While I am not sure how the other courses were taught we were able to share, discuss and theorize through all sessions.  It really made the class gel more and we became a great community for the week in our learning and sharing.

I stayed on campus in the dorms as well as ate in the cafeteria.  It seemed the most logical way to be a part of the large community and the price was hard to beat.  I had a single room and it was very nice.  It even had its own bathroom, meaning it was nicer than the dorm I had in college!

The food was also amazing.  A good variety and everything was even labeled so that I could eat according to my dietary restrictions.  For those of you have allergies or can't eat certain foods you will understand how happy that made me.  It meant that I didn't starve while I was there, which would have been bad since I get grumpy when my sugar dips.

Those that drove, or had friends in the area, were able to get off campus more.  La Roche is in a nice community with many places to eat, grocery shopping as well as other things to go out to do. I was OK only staying on campus, it actually helped me to focus on the course and spend time Pokemon hunting.

Yes, there was a group of us hunting Pokemon... it was rather amusing.

Next summer's courses are already up.  I encourage you to go look at the list.  There are a number of excellent instructors and courses up on the website.  If I am lucky I will get to go again.  Even better, is if I get to see you there too!

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  1. Glad you had fun! I went in June and it was my third year. Unfortunately, Pokemon wasn't really "big" yet - or at least I hadn't discovered it. I would have joined in the fun! :)