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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I've got a GRIP

This week I am very excited to be attending my first GRIP (Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh). In the past there was always some sort of conflict.  Usually a kid’s summer camp.  But, this year, it looks like I get to be the one who attends summer camp!

Yes, I called this summer camp.  It really, really is summer camp for genealogists and I am not the only one who is referring to it that way here.  I never went to sleep away camp as a kid so I personally don’t have a comparison, but I am assured this is nearly as good if not much better!

During my week here I am taking the Advanced GenealogyCourse taught by Cece Moore and Blaine Bettinger (along with several other one time instructors).  Yesterday was the first full day of courses, but I had internet issues so no posting since I got here Sunday.  Besides the instruction I am meeting new people who share the same interests I have.  Which is always a plus!  There are 49 people in my course (very large for GRIP) and while I am may not make a close connection with all of them, I think coming away with a few new connections is a good thing.

Yesterday I got up God Awful early (new internal clock thanks to my new job) and I took a walk LaRoche College Gardens, or chatting on Benches.  This is really a beautiful place.  Thankfully we only had a mild rain storm which took off the humidity so the weather has been very pleasant.
La Roche College at sunrise (yes, I was up early)
around campus.  It seems I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep and I saw many of my fellow GRIP attendees out walking, reading in the

Then in class yesterday we had a bit of review and the beginnings of delving deeper into analysis tools for genetic genealogy.  Today is so far building on those lessons and taking it one more step.  I am excited to get to the case study sections and learn more about practical applications of these skills. 

Oh, and Maia’s Books is here.  You know that always means trouble. Good thing I flew and have limited space for books!

Fingers crossed I will write more tonight, tomorrow, and the rest of the week.  GRIP ends Friday, so if you don’t hear from me… well my internet went down again or I am up to my eyeballs in spreadsheets.  Either way, I will catch up with all again soon! 

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful time at GRIP. I went in June for my 3rd summer and, I agree that is "summer camp" for genealogists. I can't wait until next year!