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Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences recap

I spent the first part of August in Scotland, and I have to say, it was glorious.  Not only did I tour the countryside but I presented a paper on migration in the US to the congress and met some great people. Not to mention I learned a lot and was able to geek out on a variety of subjects. And we all know that geeking out is a very, very good thing.

First off, and the reason most of my friends hated me while I was gone, is that I missed the east coast
Loch Lomond
heat wave.  Yes, while friends and family were baking in 100+ degree heat and over 120 degree heat index I was living it up in a rainy 65 degree average country.  Believe it or not, I even bought a wool sweater to wear becasue I was cold in the morning and had forgotten my cardigan at home.

Scotland was absolutely beautiful.  I was there last in 1997 and we only spent a few days driving from Glasgow to Stirling to Edinburgh.  It was great to be back and have an adventure around the area.  With the rain the highlands were an amazing shade of green with waterfalls of the heights everywhere you looked.  We enjoyed a few days as tourists around the area and of course in the city we were staying, Glasgow.

However, the reason for the trip was for me to present at the 2016 Congress.  I spoke on the first day, 10 August, about the migration patterns of three family lines from the Northeast to the Northwest United States.  Each one had a different motivating factor as well as method to get there.  As I was speaking to a European audience (1 American was in the room that I knew of) the reactions were wonderful to my stories and the information I presented.  It made my day to have a great discussion with the attendees and answer their questions.

Even better, I was able to attend a few heraldry classes and really geek out on a subject with others who are passionate about it as well.  I heard a couple great papers on funeral escutcheons as well as marshaling of arms from the Order of the Garter prior to the 1560s.  Like I said, I was geeking out a little bit.

Right now I think I will submit a paper to the next one as well.  The following years and places were announced on the last day of the event for the upcoming congresses:

  • 2018: Ararat, France
  • 2020: Madrid, Spain
  • 2022: Cambridge, England
I think I will put in for them all actually.  I have always wanted to see Madrid and Ararat is on the Mediterranean.  Somewhere I have not been before as well.

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