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Friday, April 24, 2015

FXGS lecture this weekend

This Saturday April 25th I am giving a presentation to the Fairfax Genealogical Society about raising children within the genealogy community.  If you don't know it yet, I am passionate about starting early with passing the torch of family history onto the next generation.  Through this presentation I am going to touch on a lot of ideas I have come up with for my own kids but also give some insights into things that I don't think a lot of people really consider with it comes to educating the youth in our lives about genealogy.

If you are interested in attending make sure you check out the FXGS website for details.

“Raising the Next Generation: Engaging and Instilling an Appreciation of Family History in Children”  (FxGS Education Class/Meeting)
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire Station 2148 Gallows Road, Vienna, VA 22027
Lecture Description: Kids, like adults, enjoy hearing interesting stories and like to learn why things are important.  Connecting their family history to the history in the books and engaging them in conversation is the key. Learn how to keep their attention after they ask you about your family.

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