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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 1 Recap of #NGS2014GEN Conference

Opening session, NGS 2014

Wow, what a first day of the NGS 2014 conference.  Boy are my feet tired, arms sore, and head full. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  Yep, I am traveling in each day from home and yes, that means I am a brave, brave person.

The opening session was amazing.  Dr. Sandra Treadway, from the Library of Virginia, gave a talk on the evolution of libraries to meet the new needs of users.  She unveiled to us ways that the library are preparing to revamp their facilities.  There are some great things coming in the next few years…once they raise the funds of course.  As a frequent user of the library I have to say I am pretty darned excited about the possibilities ranging from new user interactions with staff to being able to access more of the collection in secure facilities. 

Of course I saw many, many people that I only get to speak to online. It is great having face time with people.  That always makes me feel like I know someone that much better.  In addition to digital friends it was fantastic to run into people from my local society, DAR chapter, and my own genealogy research buds.  Sharing a passion with friends makes it better.  Mainly because they don’t look at you like you are crazy when you start squealing about something “cool” as you walk through the exhibition hall.

I hope you are all following along on my Twitter or Facebook page for live updates throughout the day.  Yes, I am live tweeting so tune in so you can keep up with the latest and greatest.  The conference hashtag is #NGS2014GEN if you want to see others talk about the event as well.

Me and my book!
If you are at the conference come and find me!  I have In-Depth Genealogist and NextGen Genealogy ribbons for your name badge if you would like to show your support.  Also, I have copies of my book for sale ($10), which I will even sign for you.  On Thursday I will be sitting at a table in front of the registration area from 1-2pm so you can find me easier. Of course, stop me in the hallway and chat for a while too.  I like to talk.

Tomorrow is going to be a late night for me.  There early and staying late.  Whew…wish me luck!

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