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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NGS: So many choices, so little time. What lectures are you attending?

Canal Walk in Richmond, VA
If you are anything like me you are in the middle of research prep and finalizing your schedule for next week.  The printed guide I picked up at my local genealogy society meeting is marked to bits.  There are so many great choices…now if I could only clone myself!

Throw into the mix that I volunteered to help at the conference and pick up drop off for my kids, I have a scheduling nightmare.  Well, actually, it may help cut down on my choices.  I am still waiting to hear back on which “Ask Me” shifts or room monitor assignments I am going to have.  When I get those it may completely re-work my selection!  Waiting patiently for information is not something I do easily.

As of right now, I think these are the lectures I am going to attend.  It may change, I have to be flexible after all, but as of the time I writing these are what I am going to attend!  Of course, if I am still trying to decide I will list both.  Maybe you can help me decide?

8:00 AM               Opening Session ‘Cause, why would I miss this?  Seriously, it looks great!

11:00 AM             BCG Skillbuilding Track: Problems and Pitfalls in a Reasonably Shallow Search, Elissa Scalise Powell
                           Virginia Track: Are Those My early Virginia Ancestors? Spanning Gaps and Developing Theories to Build a Possible Family Structure, Eric G. Grundset

2:30 PM                Virginia Track:  Using Civil War Maps in Genealogical Research, Cassandra Britt Farrell
                           Tricks and Tips Track: Annotating and Archiving Images, Jordan Jones

4:00 PM                Methodology Track: The Sociology of Cemeteries, Helen A. Shaw
                            State Research: Kentucky: Where in the State Do You Relate? Louise T. Jones

8:00 AM               Virginia Track: From Jamestown to the Present: The Records of the Virginia Land Office, Barbra Vines Little
                           Research in the States Track:  North Carolina Research, Jeffrey L. Haines

9:30 AM               Research in the States Track: The Old Line State: Research at the Maryland State Archives, Patricia O’Brien Shawker
                           The NYGBS Track: Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-Used Resources, Jane E. Wilcox

11:00 AM             Methodology Track: Oh, the Things You Can Map: Mapping Data, Memory, and Historical Context, Stefani Evans
                           Migration Track: The Migration Triangle: Virginia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee, J. Mark Lowe

2:30 PM                BCG Skillbuilding Track: Using Evidence Creatively: Spotting Clues in Run-of-the-Mill Records, Elizabeth Shown Mills
                           Research in the States Track: Missouri: The Crossroads of America, Ann Carter Fleming

4:00 PM                BCG Skillbuilding Track: Finding Thomas’s Father, Pam Stone Eagleson
                            German Track: Contrasting German Migrations: 18th-Century vs. 19th-Century Waves, James M. Beidler

8:00 AM               Migration Track: Migration Routes to Kentucky, Donald W. Rightmyer
                           National Archives Track: Tract Books: Master Index to Federal Land Records, Angela Packer McGhie

9:30 AM               BCG Skillbuilding Track: Disputes and Unhappy Differences: Surprises in Land Records, Sharon Tate Moody
                           Spreading the News Track: Incorporating Social History into Your Research, Michael D. Lacopo

11:00 AM             Records Track: An Ounce of Prevention: Making a Genealogy Disaster Plan, Julie Miller
                           DNA Track:  Administering a Surname DNA Project, Terry Barton

2:30 PM               Records Track:  Using State and Regional Genealogy Periodicals in Your Research, Don W. Rightmyer
                           DNA Track: Genetic Genealogy Case Studies: Maximize Use of DNA Test Results, Debbie Parker Wayne

4:00 PM               Spreading the News Track: Writing a Narrative Family History: Snares and Pitfalls, John Philip Colletta
                           DNA Track: DNA and the Golden Rule: The Law and Ethics of Genetic Genealogy, Judy G. Russell

8:00 AM              BCG Skillbuilding Track: Using and Evaluating Family Lore: She Married a Distant Cousin in Virginia, J.H. “Jay” Fonkert
                           NEHGS Track: Research Strategies for Upstate New York, Henry B. Hoff

9:30 AM              Virginia Track: A Treasure Trove of Rarely Used Records, Barbara Vines Little
                          Potpourri Track: Picture This: Images You Can Freely use, Judy G. Russell

11:00 AM            BCG Skillbuilding Track: Organize Your Research without Losing Your Mind, Julie Miller
                          Methodology Track: Using Case Studies to Learn Research Methods and Share Family Information, Thomas W. Jones

2:30 PM              BCG Skillbuilding Track: Working with Documents: The Importance of Context in record Analysis, Barbara Vines Little
                          Migration Track: How to Prepare for Successful Research in European Records, John Philip Coletta

4:00 PM              NEHGS Track: Making Midwest Connections at NEHGS, Rhonda R. McClure

                          Potpourri Track: Keep the Message Consistent – Sell/Document/Deliver from Proposal to Syllabus to Presentation, Diana Crisman Smith 

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  1. It looks like we have selected several of the same classes. It really is hard to choose. This is when I need a clone.