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Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 2 Re-cap #NGS2014GEN

used with permission, Social Media Press NGS 2014
This was my long day, and surprisingly I held up fairly well.  I was scared for a minute driving down when I hit some rain just north of Richmond.  Thankfully my clear skies and beautiful weather didn’t go away.  Just an early morning misting!

During the morning sessions I attended two lectures about researching in different states, North Carolina and Maryland.  Both were excellent and I was very happy I attended. Lots of information covered on how to research in those states and where to get the information. Unfortunately it means I need to seriously plan trips to Annapolis and Raleigh.  Oh well!

I did realize after those presentations that I need to invest in wall maps depicting the formations of counties in my colonial ancestral states. Nice flow charts so that I can see when counties split off and where my families lived for particular time frames.  I have one for Virginia, now I need to collect the others.

My biggest surprise came when Dear Myrtle and I met up and recorded a segment for the NGS ambush cam.  That was a lot of fun, but of course how could it not be with Myrt!  We talked about my Richmond guide, NextGen, and I was able to give everyone a scoop on the next guide coming out.  Make sure you go watch it to find out more!

Thankfully lunch with friend came along before I could spend too much money on books.  You can never have too many books right?  The only think really stopping me was the price tag on a few of the ones I really wanted.  Not quite ready to spend $300+ on those sets…yet.

In the afternoon I attended James Beidler’s talk on German immigration patterns.  Lots of good information there.  Plus it gave some insights in the 2 different waves of immigration.  I have family in both waves, and it made perfect scenes on who came and why they did it.

The evening was topped off by the NextGen meet-n-greet.  Really, how better to finish your day? Nice chats with new and old friends, lots of laughs, and of course pictures!  I was happy I was able to keep myself going so I could stay.

I did get home after 10pm though, and now, up at 5am to hit the road back down to Richmond.  Whew, 2 more days!

Oh… and I still have Richmond Guide books on me.  $10 each, come and get one!

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