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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guest Blogging for the NGS

In case you have missed them, I have two guest posts on the National Genealogical Societies Blog: UpFront with NGS.  They are 2 in a series I will be doing on education, research techniques, and youth in genealogy.  Hope you go check them out and enjoy the series.  Of course I would love to hear your thoughts on the subjects as well.

The first post "Reading The Book is Just The Beginning" is a continuation of my post here on making study charts.  I honestly didn't realize how much a a buzz that one little idea would create.  For those of you who told me it helped, I am so glad.  Oh, and yes, I promise to make more and put them out for there for everyone to use.

This morning my next post "Group Collaboration" was published.  It is a subject near and dear to my heart, plus one that I honestly think everyone in this field should be doing.  The group I talk about is real too, and many of them read this blog, so I can't wait to hear their comments.  We really need to think of a name for our little group by the way.

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