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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whew, I'm done and a sneak peek at what is to come

Engraving. Print made by James Collins.
1685-1688 via the British Museum
Well, I submitted my last paper for the BU course.  Waiting on my final paper grade. Two weeks after that I will know my final grade. Six weeks after that I should receive my certificate from Boston University showing that I completed the 13th session of the Genealogical Certificate Program. Whew!

This means that I can now catch up on the other things that I have neglected that last 15 weeks.  You know, like this blog!

There will be a more complete discussion of my personal experiences with the program in the New Year. Right now I am just enjoying a day or two without looming school deadlines, a pile of reading, or a paper due.  Not that I don't currently have looming deadlines for other stuff, but you know what I mean.

Thanks for those faithful few who have kept reading while I was partially here.  You all are awesome and your encouragement (both publicly and privately) was amazing.  It was hard not writing here about my family, research, cool tid-bits, and etc. but it will soon be back to normal around here.  Promise!

On that note, here is a sneak peek at some the posts I am working on.  These will be coming out over the next few months so keep your eyes open for them.
  • Continuation (Catch-up) on "Book of Me" posts
  • Jahnke / Heinritz family solved
  • Drake family discord: VA Chancery records dispute
  • NARA files on family War Crimes Tribunal testimony
  • The Central Rappahanock Heritage Center: a must see repository
  • The Historic Fredericksburg Foundation: Ledgers to the past
plus anything else that I can think of...

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