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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Warring Grandfathers, next FTF post is up!

File:Battle of Guiliford Courthouse 15 March 1781.jpgMy next post at Family Tree Firsts is up.  You can read it here.

I have to say this was one of the more interesting discoveries that I have made.  In the United States you here stories about opposite sides of the family fighting against each other in the Civil War.  Brother against brother, families torn apart, and the like, but how often do you find stories of families on opposite sides of the Revolution?  Usually the people who stayed loyal to the British left their homes after the Revolution and you have to search another country.  I have a soldier leaving the army to stay here!

Reading John Foote's story it tugged at my heart strings.  To think he took his mother on a family visit and was ripped from the family.  I keep wondering about him, his mother, and the Foote family.  Did he ever write to her and let her know that he was alive and where he was?  As a mother the thought of someone taking my son is unimaginable.  The anguish would tear at me.

Edward Arvin choose to enlist.  He was able to make the decision to fight for his country.  You can read about his journey at a site written by my cousin (a couple times removed) on the Arvin Family.  Check it out.  We share the same lineage to Henry Arvin and our lines split with two of Henry's sons.

*Image from wikimedia commons


  1. Well done, Shannon! This makes a trip to Guilford Court House National Military Park a "must see" for your family.

  2. Yep! Lucky for us we have friends in the area we can crash with for a weekend. :)