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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What? It is already the end of MAY!

That was my reaction to the calender this morning.  The last few months, in fact this year, have just flown by.  Crazy-hectic-mom schedule doesn't help the matter at all.  My oldest has already got the itchy feet and antsy twitches that come with a kid that sees the end of the school year just a few weeks away.  I have the antsy twitches and tick of a mom that will soon has both kids home for 11 weeks. 

To top it off, Mr. Man will be starting middle school and Mr. Bear is entering Kindergarten this fall.  I just have to make it to September to receive my reward of freedom from children eight hours a day five days a week.  Think about all the research I will be able to do! Oh, and mani-pedi's; can't forget the occasional spa day you know.

However, we have to get through almost three months of summer first. Mr. Man has all the places he wants to visit this summer outlined on a piece of paper that was handed to me yesterday.  Battlefields, museums, and various historical sites in a four state radius.  I had to inform him that I didn't think we would be able to make it up to Boston this summer (talk about disappointed looks from the two of them). 

Included in the summer plans is a historical summer camp put on by the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation called Broadsides Camp.  We have our week booked there, both boys are going to both camps, and it should be fun!  They both did it last year and they begged to come back this year.  Who can say no to a history camp?  Logistics are the only down side as it is three hours from home and we have to stay in a hotel for a week.  Ah well, could be worse.

One of the best parts:  on day three of the Jamestown camp they will be learning about the Tempest and how some ships were blown of course and shipwrecked in Bermuda.  Among those colonists was Stephen Hopkins and his family, ancestors on my husband's side.  Mr. Man is so excited to be learning about his family at CAMP!  Mr. Bear is excited to drill with the soldiers at Yorktown and the go to play with mud and fish at Jamestown. 

Wish me luck... I may need a rescue by the end of the summer!

*Images taken by me.  Toys on the beach at Virginia Beach, and Statue of John Smith at Jamestowne Island, 2011.

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