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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letters with results, next FTF post is up

My latest post over on Family Tree is up.  You can read it here.

I am in the process of writing back to Miss. Hilbert. She has always been such a nice woman and I enjoyed talking to her when I was younger.  If possible I want to meet up with her on my next visit home to Indiana.  Still working on scheduling, but it will be a great big genalogical adventure when I go.

The picture posted was from a Combs family reunion in the mid 1950s.  I thought it was a great picture of my dad and all his first cousins at that time.  He, his two brothers, and sister were among the oldest there, but he said he remembers it very well.  Now, being able to remember all the other kids in the picture from nearly 60 years ago is a bit harder.  Dad turned 73 last week, so I will forgive him that he can't identify which of his cousins was the baby that year.

In the post I copied the note she gave me about a portion of my mother's family line.  There is one name I do not recognize on it.  Who is Ann?  I don't have an Ann Sanders listed anywhere.

G. Grandmother Wildman name
      was St. Clair Burton
G. Grandmother Sanders
      name was Gamble
Grandmother Wildman
      name Mary Francis Moberly
      died April 30 1864
Grandmother sanders
       Name Elizabeth Denning
       Born May 27 1827 Died June 13 1880
Grandfather Armstead Wildman
       Born Dec 6 1829 Died Mar 15 1900
Grandfather James Sanders
       Born Sept 8 1829 Died Jan 30 1913
Aunt Ann Sanders died
       Sept 22 1937 Wednesday 6.30 O Clock

Many of the names on this list I had discovered through census, marriage, birth, and death records.  I have to admit that it is nice to have confirmation on them from a source about 2 generations back from me.  A source who probably knew most, if not all, of the people on this list.  A few of the dates I have are off by one or two years, but that is better than ten!

I am curious to see what else Miss. Hilbert and I will talk about in the future.

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