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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My first genealogy "conference"

Today and tomorrow I will be attending the National Archives 8th Annual Genealogy Fair.  I got up at o-dark-thirty to commute into DC with my husband.  Makes me appreciate him even more, as he gets home after 8pm every night and is up at 4am every morning to make the 60 mile trek into the DC metro area for work.  This morning we get to experience the commute that many married couples make together in the morning... hope I don't screw up!

I am meeting two friends there today, both bitten by the genealogy bug like me.  Last night I printed off the schedule and map for the two days, starred the classes I want to attend (only 2 spots with conflicts), and packed my bag. 

Wish me luck, this should be a great adventure and a lot of fun!

**This was supposed to have gone out on Wednesday.   Lesson:  Need more Coffee when I write at 4:30am as  I never pushed publish...

1 comment:

  1. I definitely wish you the best of luck at your conference! You will enjoy meeting others who share your passion, as well as learn new information and techniques that will definitely enhance your family research; enjoy!