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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hary Coad to the Commissoner of Pensions 1916

Letter from Harry Coad to the Commissioner of Pensions
Located at the National Archives, Washington, DC
Harry Coad / Henry Thompson Pension File
Grand Pass MO
June 26, 1916

Comissioner of Pensions.
Dear Sirs:

You request of 19 inst, at hand, in reply to your request.  My comrads and officers were: Capt W.S. Boyd, 1st Leiu Orbriek, 2nd Lieu Davidson, Orderly Sargt Claghorn, 1st duty Sargt Balenger, Private Soldier’s Geo Frisby, Sam Gaty, Al Olinger Hunter, W Chamberlain, Batss, and Pete Edwards, Shultz.  I am sorry but I do not know the address of any of  my old comrads.  I went to Kansas in 1866, and settled down, and never have seen one of the old boys since I was mustered out.  I was in the battle of Springfield MO when gen Lyons was killed in 61.  Next was Battle at Fort Henry.  Then Pittsburge Landing, then Shilo next Corinth, Kenesaw Mountian, Snake Creek Gap, Dalton Peach Tree, Sand Town, where gen McPherson was killed, Lays Ferry, Mary Etta, Siege of Atlanta, skirmished all the way from Atlanta to Savanah.  Then fought the siege of Savanah.  Golds Burroh NC in Shermans March to NC and in the grand review.  Hoping to get the pension soon.  Respectfully.

H.M. Coad

Links to the places mentioned in letter:
The First Battle of Springfield (or Wilson's Creek)
Battle of Fort Henry
Battle of Pittsburgh Landing, Shiloh
Siege of Corinth
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
Atlanta Campaign
Savannah Campaign
Carolina Campaign
Grand Review

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