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Friday, April 20, 2012

Letter from Carrie Greeley to Maude Crabb May 1928

Letter from Carrie Greeley Bradford to Frances Maude Greeley Crabb
Letter in the possession of my mother-in-law

Waterloo, NH
May 3, 1928

Dear Maude,

Must write you a line and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed you good letter.  Parents who raise a family of six children and get them educated (an education that they can earn a living with) have, in my intimation, done something to be proud of, and of course the children had to do their part in order to arrive.  Am wondering if you have a large farm or a small one, and specialize on some crop.   Am sure you have chicken, for I remember that you had a nice flock when you lived in Pioneer. 

If you father could have lived to see his grandchildren grow up he would have been happy and proud of them.  Your Aunt Ada has helped to raise her two grandsons and I know she enjoys them.  They are smart boys too.  Since we have been living here have has a good vegetable garden and a few flowers each year.  Horace has always helped some until last year, and this spring he is more feebleand I shall not try to do very much gardening.  The season is too short to be real satisfactory.  Last month we had 3 snow storms the last one on the 28th.  The mercury is up to 66 this PM and it looks now more encouraging.

I should love to see your flowers as well as farm and your family, and am hoping to get those promised “snaps” in the near future.  To me it seems ages and ages since I saw you in Pioneer, although I am sure I do not feel any older.

Thought you might enjoy some NH maple sugar, and hope you recived it in good condition.  Do write again when you can all about yourself and family.  What you are all doing and etc.

Aunt Carrie

PS – How about Perry and Ruth – both married? Is Ruth teaching near where you live?  Is John Jr. as happy as ever?

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