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Friday, April 20, 2012

Letter from Maine to Washington 1928

Maude and John about 1923
Letter from Carrie Greeley Bradford to Frances Maude Greeley Crabb
Letter owned by my mother-in-law

Waterloo, NH
Aug. 2, 1928

Dear Maude,

It has been quite some time since I got your letter with the enclosed “snaps” both of which are good to look at.  Jasper was such a little shauer(?) when I saw him that I can hardly believe he is the dignaified looking student in the picture.  Where did your “Buddy” get that hat?  He and his dog and hat make an attractive picture and I know you have a lovely yard from what the picture shows.

Your Uncle Horace is very feeble this summer and it takes about all the vein I possess to wait on him and do the work in the house and out.  Have a fairly good vegetable garden, but not many flowers.

Your Uncle Philip, Aunt Nina and Henry were here for a few hours on Sunday recently.  Philip took you address and said he was going to write you, so you may have heard from his before you get this.

Your Aunt Ada thinks of you as a baby sitting in your Grandmother Bartlett’s lap and says it is hard to think that you have six children and are now a grandmother.  We are all delighted that we have a great great niece. (Perhaps that is not just the way to say it, but I surely feel important being a great great aunt.)

Expect you have not kept track of your mother’s relatives.  Your Uncle Rufus’s second wife died about a year ago and now keeps house alone.  Have lost track of his sons, but they were smart and quite musical.  Wonder if you would care to come to Maine, think it would be nice if you and John and Charley and Letty would come east and make us all a visit.  Better start some plans that way.

It is now 9:30 and Horace says he is tired, so I must get him undressed and in bed.  I am nurse, valet and house maid.

Love to you all
Aunt Carrie

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