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Monday, April 16, 2012

Civil War Letter home from Lemuel Kelley June 14, 1862

Letter from Lemuel Kelley  to his father Lemuel Kelley
Located at the National Archives, Washington DC
Lemuel Kelley Father’s Civil War Pension File
Transcribed by me

June the 14th 1862
Camp (word crossed out) Near Front Royal VA

Dear father I seat my self this evening to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope thes few lines may finde you all enjoying the same blessing.  Father I will send you 25 dollars and James sends you 15 dollars we send it to Washington City by the Chaplin and he will express it from ther if you get it want you to write and tell me or if you don’t get it want you to rite eney.  How for bidley sent twenty dollars and hav not heard from it yet if you got it.  I wish you would rite and tell me all a bout it father I have not resieved a letter from you sence I have ben in the servies.  I think you would rite if you would just neglect it.  Father it does me just as much good for me to get a letter from home as it (word crossed out) does you and mor to when I draw a game.  I will send you you some more but a man has (word crossed out) to have some here but I will send you every sent I can.  Shar if you answer this but if you don’t I will not.  Well I have nothing of importnact to rite this time only I expect to leave here before long where we will go next I cant tell but the talk is that we will go to richmon but I cant tell but if eney of the the troops has to go it will be us for we have to march more then eney troops in the field.  Well father I will close O yes I will tell you that I paid billy for the saddle the gun is mien now I only drowed 2(?)2 and 5 cents and paid him five and sent 25 hom and have five left.  So I will leave thes few remarks to you

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