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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Civil War letter from the Kelley Boys home

Letter from Lemuel Kelly to his father Lemuel Kelley
Located at the National Archives, Washington, DC
Lemuel Kelley Father’s Civil War Pension File

Date and Place missing from top of letter

Dear father (rest of line missing)
10 dollars by expres and James sends you 20 dollars.  I borrowed five before when I sent and I said it and I did not Draw but 17 and 15 cence.  I will send you all the money I can spar you must write as soon as it comes to hand.  I want you to pay the the Mortgage as fast as you can and I will help you all I can nothing more only I am well and all the rest of the boys.  Yours truly

Lemuel A Kelley
You must write and tell me wheather you got it or not give my love to all

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