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Monday, March 5, 2012

Things that make you go hmm…..

I got a bug for a few hours to do some research on my Brassfield lines (thanks to Reba) and I started coming across a few things that have made me think. In no particular order they are:

·       At the end of the episode last Friday there was a comment by the historian that all Brassfields are related through George Brassfield who immigrated as a boy from England. I have a real problem when people use language like “always” and “never” because there is always wiggle room. That is why I always make sure that I never use them… except when making a point.

·    I have run into the “there were 3 brothers who immigrated” story again. Why is it always three?  The story, in a nut shell, is that there were three brothers who came over from England. George, John and Joseph. It appears from my searching that I belong to John… I think.

·       I went and perused some online trees (always a fun and interesting experience) and I am still not sure I am any better off than when I started.

·       Found a stament that John settled in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. I live 5 miles from Spotsy County, and the records archive is 20 miles from my house. Guess I now have real good reason to actually pull some books and go digging for records.

·       After nearly a year of looking, the only Brassfields I am positive about are my 4th great grandmother Abigail, and her father Jesse. I would LOVE to find some evidence of the line going back that I can sink my teeth into and really say “YES! That is it!

·       There was a published genealogy in 1960 of this family line.  I think I need to see if I can get my hands on it.  I may be overly cautious, but I think I would like to see the source for a lot of these trees than take people’s word for it.  Wow, that sounded really cynical.

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