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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Give Away from Family Tree University

I thought I would bring to your attention a sweepstakes by Family Tree University.  They are giving away one free registration to their 2012 Virtual Conference.  You can read more about it at the Genealogy Insider Blog by Diane Haddad.  It is as easy as pie to fill out the form and submit your name.

The other reason I am super thrilled about this conference is for one main reason: I am at home.   As a stay at home mom, this is a conference I can attend without having to worry about lining up and paying for childcare for multiple days, or trying to get my husband to take time off and then making the whole family trudge after me somewhere. Which, I have done both before, and it was an interesting experience.

In a nutshell you get:
  • 15 half-hour video classes covering genealogy tech, research, and ethnic tracks
  • Unlimited viewing during the conference and the ability to download for future views.
  • Live chats and message board discussions with FTU staff and instructors.
  • Of course, I am a sucker for the stuff, you get a “swag bag” of freebies from
So you all know, as the Family Tree First Blogger I have free registration to the conference.  If I wasn't the blogger, I would have already registered, because I know this is going to be good.  What are you waiting for?

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