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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New post at Family Tree Firsts

My next post on FTF is up.  I hope you enjoy the read.  Living on a Civil War Battlefield puts researching your family from that time into a whole new light.  During the course I read all about troop movements for units that my ancestor were assigned to.  Which of those campaigns they were actually there for I don't know, but I got an odd sensation to read there was a possibility they fought within a mile of my house.

I talk about Button Cody in this post, he was mentioned in the last post too.  He is of the "famous" Cody line that Buffalo Bill is also descended from.  When I found him on the 1890 Veterans Schedule I could not believe what I read about his physical condition.  I now have to find out if those injuries were due to the war.

The photo for this post was sent to my by my long lost distant cousin Debby.  She has been such a help when I got started last year.  We still correspond whenever we find something new to share.  I just love the cousins I have found and the connections I have made!

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