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Monday, December 19, 2011

Online Resources

I have started to read a lot of blogs over the last few months.  Mainly to get an idea of what was out there, but also because there are some really good resources in the blogosphere.  I have to admit that until recently, I really didn’t read blogs.  A friend would post an article on Facebook or live journal and I would click on over to read about what they were talking about; but I was not an on line reader.  Hard to believe coming from a 30-something huh?

To be honest, I never listened to podcasts either.  Don’t look at me like that.  The radio was just fine, especially since I have satellite, so I didn’t really see the need or interest in it.  Yes, I heard people going on about this podcast, or that podcast, and wasn’t so-and-so’s really neat…still didn’t get it.  However, when you start out brand new in something, and you are winging your education, blogs and podcasts seem like your new best friends. 
Some of my favorite blogs are listed on the side of this site.  But those are not the only ones I “check-out” by far.  I have been using Google reader to gather them all into one spot and reduce the amount of clicking and page hopping I was doing.  Sometimes I am sure my husband just shakes his head at all these “new” discoveries I am making.  He can’t deny it either, as there is this look he gets in his eye as I am telling him something he has known for ages.

There are also some very good free podcasts out there I encourage anyone interested in genealogy to go and listen to.  They are not all just from genealogists either.  NARA has a good series, as does the British National Archives.  For you history enthusiasts out there, you can’t imagine how many history centered podcasts there are.
So go forth and check out some cool online media.  I am going to hunker down for a few days and do the final holiday prep-work that needs to be done.  Happy Holidays! 

*Image from the Library of Congress, Agnes Lee, standing, with arm around older daughter, (Agnes Lee), seated, reading newspaper(?) on lap

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