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Friday, December 16, 2011


I am sick…tis the season.
As cold meds aren’t leaving me a clear head, I have been investigating a couple “fun things” on the internet.  I have been really wanting to go to NARA and research; so I have been reading through their website on where things are, how to get there, do’s and don’ts, that type of thing.  Then I found their listings of lectures…
WOW!  There are quite a few lectures in the DC area, not to mention nationwide at their branches.  I encourage you to go check out their calendar because it is chocked full of interesting topics.  For example in DC:
·        The first Wednesday of the month is lecture on a basic genealogy research topic
·        The third Wednesday of the month is a “beyond the basic” archival research skill lecture
·        The third Saturday is a “beyond the basic” archival research skill lecture
·        One Saturday a month it looks like you can sign up for a 20 minute appointment with an archivist who will get you “unstuck” with a relative

Now…if I had unlimited time and babysitters I would be going to many of these!
Believe it or not, my afternoon got even better.  I saw the announcement for the 8thAnnual Genealogy Fair.  This is where I beg my parents to come for a visit in April.  Or promise the world to my friends so that I can go to a 2 day event during the school week.

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