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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Greeley / Bartlett Family

Here is my reasoning on how I pieced together who Fannie Greeley’s parents were by eliminating all other known possibilities.  So we can put it into perspective she is my husband’s great grandmother, who was born in Maine in 1855 and Died in Washington DC in 1882.

From the letter that Grandmother Bartlett wrote to Frances Maude Greeley (Fannie’s daughter) she states she was almost 85 in April 1906.  That gave me a rough birth year of 1821.  There were 2 families that had Fannie as a child in the same area of Maine within 2 years of each other.  I was able to rule out the other family as the mother’s birth year didn’t match up and that other Fannie did not get married until later in life and stayed in Maine from what I can tell.
Frances Lydia Bartlett (1860 Census) was born in Maine to William and Julia Bartlett in 1855.  They lived in several towns in Waldo County.  She had an older brother Rufus who was born in 1848.  William died between the 1880 and 1900 census (still looking up more info) and Julia died 9 Mar 1915 in Swanville Maine while living with her son and his wife (have Julia’s death certificate). 

From the death certificate I also now know that her parents were names John and Lucy.  John was born in Maine, but she gave various places for her mother’s birth on census and death records (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine) so I am not sure on her yet.  I found a record for William Bartlett from the Disable veterans national home.  It said he was in the Maine infantry and was wounded in the civil war with multiple gunshot wounds to the leg.  He was discharged from there in June 1879, with his closest relative listed as “Mrs. Julia A Bartlett, residence: Washington DC.” 
A guess at Fannie’s marriage date to Charles, or Chaz, is around 1879.  Phillip C Greeley was born in DC in 1879 and Frances Maude in 1882.

Also from the 1880 Census it has Charles, Fannie, and Phillip living at the reform school where he is the assistant Superintendent. “Reform School of the Dist. Columbia, Bladensburgh Rd.”  Bladensburg is just over the state line into Maryland, and Bladensburg Road starts there and travels west into DC through NE Washington where it becomes US-1 Alt.   The picture Shown is the reform school!
On the 1880 Census for DC I found:
CH Greeley:  26, Apt Sup, Born Maine, father born Maine, mother born Maine
Fannie C:  25, Matron, born Maine, father born Maine, mother born Maine
Phillip:  1, Boarder, born DC, father born Maine, mother born Maine

Then I found Charles and his parents/siblings on the 1860 and 1870 Swanville Maine censuses.  His parents were Phillip and Eliza. 
Richard Bartlett (4th great grandfather to Frances Lydia Bartlett) was one of the first settlers of Newbury Massachusetts.  There is an image of the plaque at Newbury with the listing of the settlers in several places online.  It is important that when you go out searching for him that you get the right Bartlett line.  There are 3 New England Bartlett trees and they share names back and forth.

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