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Monday, December 12, 2011

Latest Family Tree Firsts post

Here is my latest post for Family Tree Firsts.  Enjoy!

A note on the picture.  It is a small part of a larger picture that includes a boat and my mother.  It was taken while the family was visiting us in Maryland for my mothers graduation from Medical School.  She took my grandmothers (her mom is on the right Maxine Arvin, my dad's mom is on the left Ruth Combs) for a dinner cruise along the Potomac River with other members of her graduation class and their families.  The name of the boat was the "Spirit of Washington" and it was taken in May 1988.  This is the only picture I have with both my grandmothers in it. 

I had tried to locate pictures from my days in Indiana, but it seems that there are only 2 that I could find.  Both blurry and I am at a distance.  Good thing that I became a shutterbug later in life as no one else in the family has the bug it seems.  My kids have thousands of photos to go through....feel sorry for them.

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