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Monday, April 17, 2017

Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner

The last few weeks were a bit of a whirl wind around here.  For those of you who follow me on other social media networks you already know the exciting news. I was a Silver Award winner for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards on my book Genealogy Basics in 30 Minutes.  While I did not win the coveted gold award with crystal trophy, this time, it was an experience I will never forget.

This was my first visit to Portland, Oregon.  I know, hold you shock.  So I though I would give you a glimpse at the weekend I spent there.  Including the award ceremony.  It was 2.5 days of jammed pack stuff!  Thankfully I was able to spend it with a good friend of mine since my family was on Spring Break (I joined them later).

It really was a fun and amazing night.  First there was the cocktail hour meet-n-greet.  All of the finalist books were on display and it was an opportunity for people to talk to the writers, editors, and publishers in the room.  My friend and I, completely unplanned, wore very similar dresses.  Lets just say it was a great conversation starter as many people came up to us and asked if it was planned!

During this time I also met my publisher, Ian Lamont, for the first time face-to-face.  We have talked numerous times over the phone and email but meeting someone in the flesh is a great experience.  It is like you finally know them!  Ian finally learned exactly how odd I can be.  I think that was a good thing though, since I am full of odd information.

Highlight of the evening was getting my book back with the silver sticker on it and having my picture taken in front of the IBPA Award wall.  Even though I was exhausted (working on 3 hour time difference) we did go back to the hotel bar and celebrate more with a bottle of bubbly.  I mean, who wouldn't?!

My one free day in Portland was spent sight seeing and shopping.  Of course we had to visit Powells Bookstore.  The one place everyone told me I HAD to go to while in town.  It was truly amazing and we spent way too much time in the rare book collection.  They were just so cool!

Spent the afternoon at the Portland Art Museum.  I found the English Silver collection and stayed an hour documenting the heraldry on each piece that showed one.  There was a lot.  Including some Elizabethan pieces.

Our day in town was topped off with a late lunch with the most amazing clam chowder and apple cider sangria.  Yum just cannot do the meal justice!  Instead of potatoes in it they put gnocchi in it.  O.M.G.

It was an amazing weekend that I will not forget.  I can only hope that I have another book that makes it this far in the future.  You know that I want that crystal trophy.

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