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Thursday, February 9, 2017

RootsTech keynote gets a renovation with the Property Brothers

The kick off keynote for this years Rootstech was the Canadian twins Drew and Johnathan Scott, aka the Property Brothers.  Hosts of several popular HGTV home improvement shows, the pair had the audience in stitches with stories from their childhood and their family heritage.

If you follow them through social media you know they are passionate about their Scottish heritage.  Their father immigrated from Scotland to Canada as young man in search of the life a cowboy.  After an kind strange paid for his train ticket from Ontario to Alberta he worked on many ranches as a hand.  Then, as fate would happen, meeting the future Mrs. Scott at one of these ranches.

I was impressed with how young the entrepreneurial spirit hit them.  One of the stories they told was about how they made decorative coat hangers at 7 years old.  While many thought it was a cute arts and crafts project the Brothers quickly turned it into a very successful, and profitable, business.  they employed the family to help them keep up with the orders!  Do you think their parents knew then that they were going to be successful at whatever they attempted.

As a fellow history buff, and collector of odd medieval things, I was particularly interested in learning about their love of castles and... armor.  Yep, they even have a custom made suit of armor that is worn around the house.

Oh, and bagpipes!  How could I forget the bagpipes.  Truly embracing their heritage they wear kilts and play the bag pipes.  How could anyone go wrong by having those items in their life.

If you can't tell I had a wonderful time listening to them on stage, but an even better time interviewing them with a group of other bloggers in the media hub.  A variety of questions were asked in our session but here is the scoop on what I found out:

* They may be coming to Australia soon.  That made my friends from down under swoon a bit!
*  They shared a bit about what happened behind the scenes with their New Orleans Brother vs Brother.  One of the home owners told them that whatever they did would be wonderful because she would have her home back.  You see, she had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the last 10 years.
* This March they will be heading to Nashville and will be recording another round of songs.  What?!  You didn't know they sing??
*  Psstt... you did know that Drew is engaged... right?

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