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Friday, July 1, 2016

Back on the horse

Well hello world!  I am back and getting in the swing of things.  Well… trying to.  It may take me several more weeks to catch up on everything that I need to.

However, there is a big change coming up in my professional life.  As such, it does mean that my time will be once again split.  Not that I ever have an abundance of time, but I will have even fewer me time hours for personal research.

Next week I will start a new job.  The first time I will be employed outside of the home (by someone else) in nearly 16 years.  Scary!!  I accepted a part time position as a staff genealogist at Colonial Dames 17th Century in Washington, DC.  A bit scary, a bit exciting, but I am looking forward to a new adventure.  Plus the building is absolutely gorgeous and I have a library to peruse to my heart’s content.  What could be better?!

Currently I am catching up with client reports and things that I owe people.  I do have some new family history breakthroughs that I am typing up, so those stories are coming as well.  Oh, and dad had moved in with us.  I have a research partner now.  He even has a NARA researcher’s card.  Not sure who is more excited, me or him.  In fact, I hope to get him set-up and comfortable as a guest blogger on here.  I think it will be a cool thing.

If you would like to see or listen to an upcoming lecture make sure to check out my presentation page.  There a quite a few coming up, and I am booking into 2017!

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