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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Packing, packing, packing for Florida!

Fort Lauderdale Florida Photo D Ramey Logan If you look in the dictionary under the word loony genealogist you will currently find my picture.  Why?  Because I am flying from OGS straight to NGS.  That made my packing for the conference a little, well, interesting.  However, I will assume that you are not a loony genie like me and if you are attending NGS next week you will come from your home.

So, if you are attending NGS, what should you bring or pack?  If you are a seasoned conference goer you probably have a favorite bag, jacket, water bottle and the note taking device you are bringing.  However, for us not used to the sunshine (thank you Mother Nature) maybe there are a few other things you have not thought about bringing.

For instance, you want to consider packing (or purchasing on site)

  • Sunscreen (in case you venture outside!) and aloe vera (for when you spend too much time in the sun)
  • A wide brimmed hat 
  • Beach attire (it's right there after all and you are already getting sunscreen!)
  • a list of places to visit in the area which is accessible by water taxi (which you can take from the conference hotel)
If this is your first time at NGS, you should be in a for a real treat.  While packing for a conference can be challenging (especially if you tend to over pack like me) here are a few essentials you should consider, including the things I listed above.

  • Comfy, supportive shoes.  You will be doing a lot of walking.  Make sure to take care of your feet so you can attend all of the conference sessions.
  • A small bag of snacks.  You may forget to eat since you are running around learning stuff.  Keep yourself healthy and have a small piece of fruit, granola bar or other snacks to give you an energy boost.
  • Don't forget to double check all of your cables for your phone, tablet, or other electronics.  Even at a conference you should be able to recharge them some places and dead cell phones are a bummer.
  • Make a priority list of vendors in the exhibit hall.  Which places do you HAVE to visit, would like to visit, or think are interesting to check out.  It will help you spend your time wisely, and also keep a lot more of your money in your pocket.
  • If you are flying, make sure to budget money to ship purchased items home. Or bring another bag!
Well, see you in a few short days in sunny Florida!


  1. If you are so inclined you can download the NGS conference app. Available for Android and Apple.

  2. I am not going to make it this year, so I am so jealous. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience.