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Monday, May 2, 2016

NGS choices are paper or digital

The choice to print the lecture materials or do everything digital is a personal one for conferences, but you should know that NGS is making thier conference app user friendly.  Even if you are at home!

First off, if you haven't downloaded the conference app make sure you visit this site and do so:

The NGS conference app for this year includes many items.  There is a daily schedule, a place to create a personal schedule, speaker and exhibitor information, floor plans so you don't get lost, direct link to the twitter feed (which is great for home too), and much more. Sessions that will be recorded have an (R) before the title of the lecture in the schedule. No (R) before the lecture title means it will not be recorded and you if you are at NGS decide how you are going to take notes.  An (LS) in the title lets those of you at home know the session will be live streamed.

If you decide to use the app while at home or on-site check out the NGS conference blog or go to the “News” section on the app for all of the daily announcements concerning the NGS conference.

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