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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coming Evidentia Deal!

Have you ever considered trying Evedentia Software?  As a long time user, beta tester, and affiliate (look for the logo on the left hand menu bar on this blog) for the company I wanted to let you know that this is a great time to try it if you don't already use the program.

Why?  Good question!  From May 1-10 Evedentia Software will offer free shipping in honor of the NGS Conference.  I mean really, conference attendees don't have to pay shipping why should you?!

In addition, Evidentia will offer a 16% coupon off everything in our store on those same dates, May 1-10.  This coupon code is only available from me as an affiliate!!!  I will post this code later on in the weekend. Bleep your eyes open for it.

I hope you are excited about the deep discounts offered usually only to conference attendees but now online. Check back here over the next few days to get the coupon code and learn more about this great product!

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