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Friday, December 18, 2015

Post at America's Footprints

My next blog post is up at America's Footprints on sharing traditions during visits with families.  Here is a preview of the post.

Many people, the world over, partake in various celebrations this time of year. They may be religious or secular celebrations but the common theme to them is love and family.

Even if there is no snow for you in December and even if New Year's will be on a sandy beach instead of in the snow, you will more than likely share this time of year in some way with people who are close to you.

Growing up my family had many traditions from who sat where to passing over the carving duties to the next oldest in line. I always find myself reminiscing back to those past gatherings, thinking about those who are now no longer with us, and smiling.

To read the full article check it out on their blog.

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