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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The dog days of summer

At the Free Public Baths, Harriett Island, St. Paul, MN

Yep, that is where we are folks.  It is hot and sticky here on the east coast of the US.  School is just a few short weeks away.  Summer time is winding down.  Which means it is party time around here!  Just joking, sort of.

There is a lot coming up this fall and if you are like me I start planning months out what I am doing genealogical wise as many months in advance as I possibly can.  Well, mainly because I am a mom and I have 4 schedules to juggle!  I bet some of you can relate to that.

Plus there is a lot of stuff going on in the community right now.  I hope you are watching WDYTYA!  To be honest, I really can't wait to see this Sunday's episode.  A behind the scenes episode with cut footage and some of our favorite scenes if we are to believe the advertising.  My husband scoffs at this, he detests clip shows in any form, but he is still going to sit there and watch it with me!  Of course, I also hope you are watching the after show IDG Chit Chat Live! that I co-host.  It's lots of fun!

Speaking of genealogy TV.  Have you submitted a story to Genealogy Roadshow yet?  They are seeking your stories, so get out there and submit!!  Go out to their casting page and fill out the application.  Quick and easy, I already did mine.

On Friday, I received news that I was selected to be an Ambassador at RootsTech this year.  I am thrilled to be doing this and know that I am going to have a great time in Salt Lake City with all of my favorite genea peeps.  Now to convince my husband that I need to get there early to do research.  2 days was just not enough time last year!  That, and I should start preparing for the trip now.

My last class for the year on Source Citations at Family Tree University started this week.  Registration is open until Friday for this 4-week long class if you want to learn more about creating good source citations.  It is designed for anyone but geared to people who are scared to death that they are going to do them wrong.  Source citations are fun, promise!

Make sure you check out my presentations page on this blog.  I recently updated it with speaking engagements for the fall and into next Spring.  As always, let me know if you are in the audience.  I would love to put faces with names!

On that note, I am off to buy school supplies and organize the kids for thier last 3 weeks.  Ah, then it is back to uninterrupted working hours (when it is still daylight) again.  It is the little things in life at times that make you smile.

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