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Thursday, May 14, 2015

NGS 2015 Day 2 Recap

Today was a long and tiring but oh so exciting in many ways.  Not just for me either. My poor 19 year old roomie was appalled when her mother and I got her up at 6 am (we were up at 5 by the way) to head for breakfast.

I was excited to start my day at the Find My Past breakfast.  As usual the members of the community that were there were diverse.  Bloggers, lecturers, younger and older genealogists all gathered for comradery and to meet someone new.  I sat with a great group of people and made a few new friends. 
Of course we got a glimpse into some of the up and coming things at Find My Past.  I admit that many made me excited, and many more reminded me that once again it is a site I need to investigate more regularly.  They are always adding something new (new record Friday!?) and I encourage you to go and look too.  Also, many people are interested to see how the merger with Mocavo is going.  From the booth presence (which if you are here you need to go check out) I can tell that it is business as normal with them.  A fact that I am thankful for since it was a great endeavor on its own!
I was disappointed that I did not get to attend a lecture by Karen Maurer Jones titled “Records Created by New York Towns and Cities: Uncommonly Rich Resources.”  While I showed up 15 minutes early there was not a seat open and per the fire marshal people were not allowed to stand.  Yeah, I was so sad to miss it, but it’s a lesson to all that you never know how fast a class will fill up.

On the flip side I did attend “Building Better Citations” by Alison Hare.  Yes, I know, I teach people how to make good source citations.  However, like I have said several times in the past few days, you never know when you will learn a new idea or technique.  She had some great points and other ways of explaining what could be a very dry topic.  I also have to admit that it was nice to know that the way I think about citations is an accepted way.  My head was nodding frequently in agreement with what she said.  Citations are very much layers and once you understand the layering process it will fall into place.

After sessions were over this evening I was able to join in on the NextGen Genealogy Network meet-Its great fun to get together with younger genealogists (and those who support us) to learn, vent and network.  Dinner, however, afterwards with the Chicago Genealogical Society (roommates and ride home were in attendance!) was the topping on the cake.  Yummy time at the Trailhead Brewing Company in historic downtown St. Charles, MO.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Friday!! I have a couple classes I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that I get a seat in those rooms.

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