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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Creating new memories

This year will be the first time in a decade that we will not be spending the holidays with family. 
My kids are in a bit of a whirl wind with the unknown that comes with “what do we do at home for 2 weeks?”  The hubs and I on the other hand have it all planned out and it includes clearing out closets and steam cleaning rugs.

However, creating new family memories and possibly traditions are on my mind.  The kids don’t remember having a Christmas without their grandparents.  Which is good, but it comes with complications, explanations, and confusion. 

First there is the fact that we are only having 1 holiday dinner with presents and not 4.  There is confusion among the ranks on which day do we want/should/need to open presents and have family time.  There shouldn’t be, but it’s a consequence of traveling and meeting with multiple parts of the family over our annual pilgrimage to the grandparents. 

Now I am planning out the dinner.  How do I cook for just 4?  I am not sure I know how to cook a holiday spread for just 4 people.  Hubs and I are trying to watch what we eat but we have 2 kids going through growth spurts.  There is a fine line between enough leftovers and the thought of if I ever see [insert food here] again I will kill you.  Seriously, I just cleaned out the fridge and pitched the Thanksgiving leftovers last weekend.

We were able to continue our tree trimming tradition which, while frustrating and amusing, is always a crowd pleaser around here.  The kids are intrigued by the amount of presents that are coming in (they have never seen everything from 4 sets of grandparents all at one time) and at one point my youngest asked if there were too many.  The oldest looked at him like he had lost his mind.

But I still want to make this a memorable holiday for them.  It’s not about the presents, or the food, or which day we choose to celebrate.  Really it is all about us, our family and our memories.  Playing games, laughing, watching a bad holiday movie, and just being together.

Maybe, just maybe I can squeeze in some family history research with my kids.  Maybe, just maybe they will remember one moment from this December and share it with their family.  Maybe, just maybe…

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