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Monday, July 21, 2014

Two chances to hear lecture on solving a family mystery

Military Pension files can hold a wide variety of information.  The files you want to uncover, however, are the ones where the individual had to prove to the government that they really did qualify for the pension.  These files are large, extensive, and where the most interesting genealogical finds are made.

One of my favorite family history cases was also one of the first large research projects I took on, so it makes it that much more special.  The joy the research and discovery brought me from being able to shed light on a 100 year old family mystery was indescribable.  My only regret was that my husband's grandmother could not hear the story as well.  She died 15 years ago this month, and at times I swore I felt her guiding me.  Meme was a firecracker and I just know she would have been fascinated by her ancestor too.

I am giving two lectures this fall about solving this family mystery. If you have read this blog, and the FTU Family Tree Firsts blog, you know a little bit about my husband's ancestor Harry Coad.  His story was amazing and unbelievable on so many levels that I felt his story needed to be told.

Lies of a Soldier: The True Identity of Harry Coad will be presented twice this fall.  I hope that you will be able to come listen and learn about Harry's life, love, heartbreak, and mystery.

Presentation 1:
Second Life APG Chapter
8:30pm Thursday 14 August 2014

Presentation 2:
Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society
7:30pm Wednesday 12 November 2014
Salem Church Library
Fredericksbrug, VA

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