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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It can't really be July, can it?

Me in front of the Founders Memorial
DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
The last few weeks were a whirlwind of activity around here.  In fact, I just got home on the 13th so I am still piled under laundry and playing catch-up with the mail and phone!

From the 24th to 29th of June I attended the annual conference for the Daughters of the American Revolution (Continental Congress) in Washington, D.C.  It was my first time and it was absolutely amazing.  I served as a page while there on the Congress Communications committee.  Which, to be
honest, was the perfect assignment.  I helped with the Congress Herald Online, social media, editing / writing articles, and met some truly amazing women who are writers like me.  As a first year page I really, really lucked out.

My favorite part of the week was that my boys and my parents were able to spend time together being touristy in The City.  It’s been years since my parents were in D.C. and my boys were more than happy to drag them from museum to museum.

Then it was home for 4 days and off again!  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment.

This time it was a family trip with some friends to the Berkshires.  We have never been there and it was breathtaking.  I truly didn’t want to leave the amazing weather!  On our trip we did a lot of things besides sleeping and playing card games. Like going to Vermont for dinner since we could and no one in the car had ever been.  My kids were even excited about all of the activities, even if it took some convincing.  For instance they really weren't sure about the Norman Rockwell Museum but warmed up quickly once we got there. 

Family Tree by Norman Rockwell
At the Norman Rockwell Museum
My oldest child, and self proclaimed military history nut, was thrilled we made time to visit Saratoga Battlefield.  I and my husband were giddy when I found one of his ancestors (Philip Greeley, New Hampshire) listed on the rolls of fighting men who were at that battle.  Yes, there was a happy dance done, pictures taken, and books bought.

My highlight was visiting the New York State Library and Archives and doing some research on the family.  My husband truly humors me at times huh? I was able to order several vital records thanks to the index they had for my husband’s lines.  Fingers crossed they have some break through information on them!

For my side I spent time in the New Netherlands Research Room looking into those lines that were part of that colony.  Some juicy things came out of that research that had my friend (who was also doing research with me that day) cackling with laughter over what my family was involved with.  Look for a post later about the criminal master mind and the wife who wouldn’t put up with it!

OK, that’s about all I have right now.  Lots to do, not enough time to get it all done, plus this week is summer camp so I have to go pack lunches.

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