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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Please tell me I'm not crazy...

In a week I will be at FGS in Fort Wayne, Indiana; my first LIVE national genealogy conference.  I just can’t tell you how excited I am by this.  Excitement is bubbling over in me on a daily basis as I get my packing list together, look through the online syllabus, and finalize my plans.

I am leaving early for Indiana so that I can visit family in the southern part of the state.  Three days at home, and I am tired just from looking at the itinerary I set myself.  Get togethers with both sides of my family and a dinner outing with friends I haven’t seen in years.  

Then during the day I plan to make it to the McGradyBrockman House which has the history and genealogy collections for Knox County Public Library, The Washington Carnegie Public Library, The Daviess County Historical Society, and a few cemeteries.  I will be doing a lot of photocopying to read later.  Thankfully they have their offerings online so I know what I want to see when I get there.

Wednesday afternoon I will arrive in Fort Wayne for the conference.  I plan on attending the welcome social that evening and the extended hours on Friday at the ACPL.  Beyond that I will be taking classes, wandering the exhibit hall, at the social media hub, or chasing my children.  Yes, both my boys are registered and will be attending a number of things with me.  This could turn out awesome or tragic; let’s keep our fingers crossed for awesome.

My oldest has looked through the presentations and made a preliminary list of what he wants to do.  Mostly he wants to go with his grandpa, my dad, who will also be in attendance.  I warned my father that he may have 2 leeches attached to him, but at least they will have a great memory.  So if you are in a class about Railroads or Military and see an older gentleman with 2 boys, that’s my dad, being the trooper he is.

I think I have my day planned and scheduled out to the minute at this point.  Looking at the spreadsheet I feel like saying sleep is for the week.  Or at least for when I get home.  

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  1. Shannon: I hope you have an opportunity to meet my friend, Marian Wood, who is an FGS Ambassador at this meeting. I have told her all about you :).

    Enjoy the conference and we look forward to hearing all about it at the next FRGS meeting.