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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Upcoming and ongoing research projects

One of these days I will get back to researching my own family history again.  Probably not until this summer though, and it is killing me.  All those questions, half told stories, and loose ends just sitting there.  On the bright side I am finishing my two presentations (DNA and lineage societies) for the FRGS in May, still researching new tech gadgets and societies, and also helping a few friends get started with their family history search.

Mills family home in Alberta, Canada abt 1920.
The family is selling their wheat harvest in this picture.
This morning I realized I need to learn a bit more about Canadian Research and African American research.  The research would not only be for my family projects but for a few friends as well.  These are two subjects that I am not well versed in and if I am going to help people need to learn more about them.

My husband’s grandfather and his family went to Canada from New York as a boy before settling in Washington State.  According to my mother-in-law they almost starved to death there.  She, and I, would like to know more about the time they spent there.  On the other hand I have a friend who is from Detroit and had family going back and forth across the border frequently.  He is looking for help in tracking down the parts of the family who stayed just across the river in and around Windsor.  Should be easy, right?

Next I want to look into African American research for a close friend of mine who I have given the genealogy bug to.  It was evil of me to pass on this addictive hobby, huh?  His family is from Baltimore, MD and he has no information from before his grandparents.  He also has no idea of his history before them so this will be a fascinating project that will test my small genealogy toolbox.  I wonder what we will find.

If you have any suggestions for resources on these areas I would love to hear from you.  A recommendation from a fellow family history person goes further than me reading dust jackets trying to decide if the book is worth it or not.  Not that I don't like perusing the stacks of amazon, but hints are always helpful.

Finally I am in the process of negotiating my attendance at FGS with my husband.  I think I am winning the battle, but we will see.  If I get to go, and you are there too, I hope we run into each other and chat!

Off to write more and research more…


  1. Shannon, I just attended a presentation at a genealogy society meeting in the county where my mom's family is based. The presenter was an African American lady taling about her research on the African American experience in southeastern NC. I will email you her contact info and a little more detail about what she covered. Might be relevant.

    Next month a different group is hosting a presentation on quilt patterns and the Underground Railroad. Will let you know about that one too.

    Sheila C