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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Writer at The In-Depth Genealogist

As the title suggests, there is a new writer at The In-Depth Genealogist (IDG).  I am very excited to let you all know... it is me.  This is the next step in a journey that I hope will take me further into the genealogy field that I have grown to love.  Who knows what will happen next?  You can read my introduction post here.

My monthly column will focus on lineage societies.  There are quite a few out there that are unique, different, and down right surprising!  I will write about a different society, or group of societies  each month so keep checking back.  You never know what I might discover.

Also I will be writing monthly blog posts on technology that genealogists could find useful.  Subjects will range from apps, gadgets, tools, software, hardware, or anything else that may help you further your electronic genealogy journey.  I really love my gadgets and gizmos so having an outlet for my curiosity, and an excuse to sample things, is a bonus.

See you at the IDG!

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