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Friday, January 11, 2013

My turn at the podium

This spring I have volunteered to do some things that I have not yet in done in genealogy: speak to a live audience.  Wow, it makes it even scarier typing it down!  Even with all the nerves I know I am going to have a great time because I will be speaking on something that I truly love and enjoy doing.  When you are passionate about your subject your enthusiasm bleeds through.  It can’t help itself!

Don’t get me wrong, I have spoken in public before.  I have even taught large groups.  During my senior year at Indiana University I was an undergraduate teaching assistant for a class on Chemistry for non-majors.  My study section had 150 students in it and as there was just me and the grad student we had our plate full.  After college I began sharing my love of needle work and sewing by teaching small numbers in beginning embroidery.  Over the last few years I began teaching classes on stained glass, calligraphy, and medieval manuscript painting.  The largest of which had nearly 75 people.  However, I had years hanging out in the background of those circles before I got up the nerve to start teaching and lecturing in those subjects.

First up is a talk to 6­-8th graders at the local Middle School.  I will be speaking to the journalism and creative writing classes about being a blogger as well as genealogy.  Kids can be hard, even harder is when one of them may be your son.  I have already promised to be on my best behavior and not embarrass him…too much.  I am really excited about this. It is going to be so much fun to talk to kids about social media, blogging, and how it shapes the world today. Really, it is amazing when I think that in a few short years they will be in college and who knows how the tech and information world will have changed by then.

Later this spring I will also be giving a presentation on Blogging and Social Media to a local genealogy society as well as an introductory talk on Genetic Genealogy.  When those are finalized and scheduled I will let everyone know.  If you are in the area try to come by!

My big question, if anyone out there wants to answer, is what type of advice would you give a first time genealogy speaker?  Anything you wish you had known before you got up the first time?  Tips or tricks you would like to share with everyone?  You have my full attention.  

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