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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 50 of Abundant Genealogy

Week 50: Genealogy Database. Which individual database has been most helpful in your genealogy research and why? Is this database available for free or is it behind a subscription wall? What does this database include and how can it benefit other genealogy researchers?

There are so many databases bookmarked on my computer.  General Websites, lineage society records, archives, and various other places people may not think to look for their ancestors.  To be honest, there are hundreds of amazing databases out there.  I decided to pick one of the more obscure sites I like that maybe you don’t know about.

The Index to Early Bible Records is run by Debbie Duay, Ph.D, and is an ongoing project that provides an index to tens of thousands of pre-1800 family bible records.  It is part of an online lesson that teaches you how to research ancestors who may have been involved with the American Revolution.  Researching Your Patriot Ancestor teaches the basic research skills a person would need to help them with this quest, as well pointed you to places that you may not have looked for more information.

When you enter the index you will find information listed alphabetically by the husband’s last name.  Using the find function on your computer will be helpful at this point as there is not a search function embedded in the site.  The next columns list the husband’s first name, year range for the bible, wife’s maiden name, wife’s first name, where you can find the bible, and a title for the collection it is in.   Most of these bible records can be found online through the archives that hold them or 

Happy searching!  Maybe you will get lucky and find one of you ancestor in this index.  So far, I am still looking.
photo credit: mrmanc via photopin cc

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