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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Local Meeting Sucess

Last night I attended a local genealogical society meeting.  Awesome huh?  I had tried to begin attending last year; however their meeting nights conflicted with another activity I was required to attend.  It was very exciting to be able to attend something in the local area with people who enjoy genealogy.

I found out about it yesterday morning from a new genealogy friend who lives in the same housing complex I do.  We met at the Fairfax County Genealogical Societies Fall Fair nearly a month ago.  I was asking questions about becoming a member when the nice lady I was talking to, Ole Myrtle herself, exclaimed that there was another person in the room from the same town I was.  We chatted briefly and talk about riding up to meetings in Fairfax together.  Need to do that, but the timing didn’t work out for this month.  Just one more reason I need to find reliable child care… again.

It was great to get a phone call yesterday morning from her letting me know that 20 minutes from my house there was going to be a meeting of the Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society.  After I fed my boys dinner we jumped into the car and headed out to the meeting at the Salem Church Library in Fredericksburg, VA.  My youngest played with LEGOS throughout the meeting, but my oldest sat in rapt attention during the guest speaker’s presentation.

The guest for the evening was Ray Maki and he spoke about finding female ancestors.  I picked up some good tips, heard wonderful family stories, learned of some great new resources for New York, and enjoyed watching my oldest son with great big eyes learn about documenting your research.  He particularly thought the wills were the “most awesome” thing he had ever seen.

They are a nice group of people, I even saw a woman from the chapter of the DAR I am joining, and I think I will enjoy being with them.  My helium hand stayed down, for now, and I did not leave the meeting with a job.  I did however leave the meeting with an invitation to speak in the future on a couple subjects.  Gulp…
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